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How to Use Content Marketing to Enhance Your Unique Value Proposition

Your unique value proposition sets your startup apart from other brands, even if you offer similar products and services. When marketing your brand, these selling points are what you might want to focus on to establish your own presence and become recognized by customers.

Operating on a tight budget with many other in-house processes to handle at limited resources, your startup’s best shot at driving growth and building an online presence may lie in content marketing. This may not be one of the first things that come to mind for many startups, but if done right, it can lay the groundwork for you to showcase your brand.

What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Unique Value Proposition

Startups of different industries face many hurdles, from jump-starting their business to nourishing it towards growth with their limited resources. Not many of you may focus on cooking up effective content marketing, but relying on industry experts to build your online presence and showcase your unique selling points can actually help clear these roadblocks.

Some of these roadblocks include starting from scratch, obviously needing to drive sales to keep the startup up and running, and gear it towards growth. Not many may know of your startup business yet, too, and introducing your unique value proposition isn’t an easy task given the technicalities in your brand.

Your unique selling point is the value you promise to your consumers on how you’re different from your competitors and why they should check out what you may offer. It must have three things:

  • Relevance - do customers need it and does it solve their problems?
  • Value - does it provide defined benefits?
  • Distinction - this should make your brand unique from your competitors.

Composing the right unique value proposition, paired with efficient content marketing, can tip these scales and provide a better cushion for your landing in the digital space in 5 ways:

  • Introduce your unique value proposition to audiences by producing valuable, top-of-the-funnel content
  • Test your unique value proposition
  • Build your online presence with your unique value proposition from organic reach
  • Be a thought leader in your niche
  • provide better publicity for your unique value proposition

Your products and services might be too technical, but your unique value proposition will make it sound simple and inviting, especially with an organic groundwork organic content marketing has bred. Around 70% of people learn about a company from blogs and articles. Because of this, startups can explore different ways, like producing quality and SEO-friendly blogs that meshes in a unified content network.

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Unique Value Proposition

Content marketing can help your brand showcase your unique value proposition and have many users recognize it. Likewise, it can also give you quantifiable results if your proposition has been effective relative to addressing your audience’s needs and setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Pinpoints What You’re Good At

A winning unique value proposition must be clear about what your brand is good at. Some startups might want to add everything all at once, but this would just be too confusing and forgettable for the consumers. Highlight what you’re good at and the reasons why your consumers keep trusting your brand.

You may think that you have just the exact proposition that works, but content marketing may give you clues about its efficiency as it:

  • Gets intimate with your users enough to have an idea about what they want and need
  • Narrows down your target consumers
  • Gathers quantifiable feedback, like conversions, click-throughs, and lead counts.

The information gathered from these factors allows your startup to ensure you have a clear and effective unique value proposition. It straightens it out in case there are a few tangles, giving you clues for enhancing your value prop.

Shows Consumer Preferences

You may have studied the feasibility of your startup to know who your target consumers are and what they need. But when marketing your value prop, you might need to be clearer and more specific in addressing what they’re looking for and what catches their interest. 

We’ve mentioned that your unique value proposition must be relevant and valuable to consumers. Content marketing can enhance your unique value proposition as it gets up close and personal with your consumers and gathers a deeper understanding of what they want. This can be done by gathering insights and data from your most valuable content and gauging engagement rates, click-throughs, and leads.

Provides Comparison of Competitors

A winning unique value proposition contains a clear differentiation of your startup from your competitors – what makes you more unique and what you can provide that they can’t. Content marketing allows you to gauge your brand relative to others by implementing a competitive analysis focusing on 3 points:

  • Position relative to tough competitors
  • Content strategy
  • KPIs gauging your performance and your competitors’

Data and insights from these factors allow you to assess, retain, or improve your unique value proposition and how you highlight these in the digital space. You may do this by:

  • Identifying your competitors
  • Gathering information about their products or services
  • Understanding your competitors’ content performance by:
    • number of monthly publications 
    • number of posts on average
    • number of links obtained on average
    • amount of traffic gained from publications on average
  • Understanding competitors’ marketing and targeting position
  • Comparing SEO data
  • Examining competitors’ content

An effective unique value proposition fueled by a comprehensive content marketing strategy can clearly set you apart from your competitors. It may also offer a great investment for maturing your website and accumulating organic leads and conversions.

Connects to Your Audiences

We’ve mentioned that content marketing allows you to connect to your audience and relay your unique value proposition more efficiently. This will be beneficial for some startups who struggle about introducing their products and services that tend to be too technical.

Long-term and efficient content marketing allows you to connect to your target audience by:

  • Providing educational information about your industry that can serve as background about your product or service
  • Answering their problems
  • Providing updates and reviews about your industry
  • Building a community

Enhances Brand Recognition

If you’re a startup, gaining brand recognition or having your target market and other users find you can be a challenge. This can be a problem if you need to drive sales to sustain your business and set it up for growth. Awesome content marketing and a striking unique value proposition can help solve these problems by:

  • Creating a comprehensive and long-term content strategy
  • Brewing your web maturity by publishing valuable top-of-the-funnel content
  • Gathering organic traffic from relevant content, establishing your brand as a thought leader
  • Nurturing your growing community to produce conversions

How to Enhance Your Unique Value Proposition

Unique value propositions should evolve according to your customers and market position. Content marketing gives you data-driven insights, helping you craft a new one that’s spot on to what sparks your consumers’ interests and what they need.

You can enhance your unique value proposition with the information you’ve gathered from content marketing by: 

  • Creating a clearer messaging - must be concise and straightforward but completely states what you do and what the customer may be missing out. Here’s what it usually contains:
    • An attention-grabbing (but not overhyped) headline specifying what you’re offering
    • A subheadline containing 2 to 3 sentences providing details about your headline
    • Key features in 3 bullet points
  • Providing social evidence - put numbers on your claims instead of using abstractions like “many,” “long,” “quick,” and others. 
  • Backing up with photos - include visuals that reinforce your unique value proposition.
  • Providing add-ons - adding add-ons or small promotions that won’t cost much and your competitors don’t have can offer better retention on consumers. Some examples of these boosters are “Free Installation,” “No setup fee,” and more.
  • Adding a strong CTA - your unique value proposition must end with one strong call-to-action that will drive your desired response from your audiences. You must pay attention to your CTA button that it must be in contrasting color with the background. 

Showcase Your Unique Value Proposition with Writrly

Content marketing helps craft a winning unique value proposition by providing helpful insights that will give you clues on how to enhance it. It comes into a full circle that showcases your unique selling points online, building brand awareness and trust and driving leads and conversions. 

But this may only be possible by creating awesome content that connects to a smart, unified, and long-term content strategy. If you want to witness easy and well-planned content marketing in action, talk to us at Writrly today, and we get everything done. You can leave it to us, from ideation to publication.

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