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You don’t have to choose between scale and quality.

HackSpirit and Ideapod are growing self-improvement and mindfulness websites built around consistent blogging with a combined 721k organic monthly hits from their content.

Founder and editor Lachlan Brown already dominated the self-knowledge niche, with several of his articles hitting page one of Google.

Now he needed a way to scale the brands without looking over freelancers’ shoulders.


Both of Lachlan’s websites already had unbeatable community presence and knows exactly what his audience craves. He’s figured out the formula to successful blogging - now it was time to see if it could actually exist as a system without him.


Saturated niche filled with low quality articles. Drops in quality could easily sway readers to a different website.


To maintain the voice, Lachlan had to write creative briefs for freelancers, and even then, he wouldn’t always get what he wanted.

Writing was quickly becoming a secondary concern for Lachlan as he grew the websites and scaled the brands into full self-improvement powerhouses, now offering courses, eBooks, and paid resources.

Maintaining the voice he’s built and ensuring that his readers consistently get value out of his content were two of Lachlan’s main priorities.

His topics involved anything from relationship advice to content on modern spirituality, all of which required personality and an understanding of the niche and the audience.

Writrly provided both.


“The consistency in the quality of the writing. Every article I get from Writrly covers the topic fully, and is high quality. It’s also an easy and efficient process where I can give the topic to Xavier, and I know that it will get completed on time and will be exactly what we’re looking for. “

Lachlan Brown, Ideapod, Hackspirit

Lachlan introduced Writrly writers into his pipeline to maintain a steady stream of high-quality articles on key topics and niches for his website, including:

  • twin flame and relationships
  • introvert and extrovert personality types
  • men-focused practical relationship advice
  • women-focused practical relationship advice

“High quality content from Writrly has
consistently ranked highly on Google, which has
brought more readers to our site.”

Lachlan Brown, Ideapod, Hackspirit

Instead of spending his time writing briefs and double-checking the content going on his site, all he has to do is send over titles -- no briefs, no fuss -- every single week, and wait for the awesome content to trickle in.

With minimal oversight, Ideapod and Hackspirit continue to grow as the two leading self-leadership and relationship platforms online.

Since working with Writrly in 2018, Ideapod’s monthly organic traffic has grown by 331.96%, with more than 95% of the articles ranking in the top 10 on search engines.

Lachlan continues to outsource some of his high-traffic potential pieces to us without any hiccups, and he’s able to expand the brands without having to expand his team.

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