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You don’t need in-house writers to build an agency.

Mike Perrino is an effective, charming salesman with a healthy network. He wanted to turn his network into profits, but didn’t know a thing about content marketing or how to build a reliable team from the ground up.
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The Problem

Mike Perrino is a one-man team with a mountain of sales experience under his belt. He’s built great connections over time and understands how content marketing can provide an unassailable edge to his chosen niche -- trades services. The only problem? He doesn’t have access to amazing writers to produce the output he’s looking to sell.
Rotating freelancers making it difficult to build long-term relationships
He wanted a team that understands his turnaround time and his clients
Most writers look at general services and produce low-quality articles and content

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The Solution

Net Reach Consulting turned to Writrly to create custom packages for his clients, consisting of monthly blogs and other authority-building assets.




content pieces a month


words a month

Mike didn’t have to train a single writer under his wing. With Writrly’s Content Concierge, he was able to establish Net Reach Consulting as a reputable digital marketing agency for trades services without having to do any of the content heavy lifting.
Week after week, he delivered amazing, on-brand content without having to edit, train, or coordinate with the content production team. His Content Concierge made it possible to keep track of individual client comments and preferences, and have those reflected into the writing, without ever having to manage a single output on his own.
Now, Net Reach Consulting has writers and content strategists who went above and beyond the usual general services articles. One of his clients, an exterminating service from NJ, was so happy with the recurring blogs that they entrusted him with the full website rehaul.
This became a trend among his clientele -- trades services who were inspired by the performance of their organic content that they decided to improve their entire website to match the amazing content they received on a monthly basis.

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