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MD Consulting NY’s clients needed content that went beyond skin-deep.

As an agency that focused on the medical spa and aesthetic clinic industry, Erica Breining worked regularly with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors who looked over her shoulder to make sure their articles were not only medically accurate but also on-brand. Content creation was literally an art and a science.

With Writrly, Erica was able to keep frustrated comments at bay by entrusting her high-profile accounts (one of her clients had worked with Kim Kardashian!) with writers who did these topics justice.

The Problem

Botox, microneedling, hyaluronic acid. Erica’s clients were particular with everything, from information to tone. Having a lean team means she has to wear many hats, and working with writers, and performing content upkeep was not something she wanted to do.
Upwork freelancers were challenging to onboard
She needed writers that wrote in-depth without being boring
She didn’t have the time (or the interest) to work with writers herself

Here’s what Erica doesn’t have to do, now that she has the Content Concierge:

Develop writer briefs and work on them through edits
Ideate topics for her clients and prepare a content strategy
Get on call with unsatisfied dermatologists

The Solution

Erica’s favorite things about working with us?
Longform articles ranging 1,200 to 2,000 words that are pure value, no fluff
Content that sounds like it was actually written by a dermatologist, complete with resources and high-quality links

Tone that is both readable and enjoyable for customers
“Writrly has been the absolute game-changer for my industry. I focus on med spas because I understand completely what they want, but it’s been so hard finding a writing team that can write 2,000 word articles on cannulas, but sometimes that’s just what the clients need.”
“I love Writrly because it’s the complete in-between of something so nerdy and obscure, and something internet-friendly. It’s like a machine that learns on its own and the relationship just gets better with time. I’ve had people try to poach you guys from me -- you really are my secret sauce”

Tell the right story with the best people.

Grow your brand more effectively and become a name your customer's won't forget with steady content that stands out from the noise.
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