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How to Use Reddit and Quora for Content Marketing

When content marketing is mentioned, the usual platforms that come to mind are social media giants, search engines, websites, and even direct mail. However, other platforms may also be useful in content marketing strategies such as Reddit and Quora. The two mentioned platforms provide an avenue for search engine users to directly ask questions that some websites fail to respond to or elaborate on.

But how could a content marketer use Reddit and Quora for effective content marketing strategies? There are many ways to take advantage of the opportunities in Reddit and Quora but we can narrow it down to three major ways: follow the community rules, know your target audience, and stand out among many other content marketers. Doing this establishes yourself as a credible source of answers and content, which can boost your content strategy.

Using Reddit and Quora for Content Marketing the Right Way

Search engine marketing (SEM) has been gaining more attention as a useful content marketing platform. The usefulness of search engines is further amplified as more people move their transactions online or seek quick and accessible answers to their questions from reputable sources.

It takes competitive SEM strategies to be a top-ranking website so if you want to further enhance your strategy to increase your rank, you have to think of other ways to do it. Linking content to social media may be beneficial, but there can be more opportunities for lead conversion in other kinds of interactive websites such as Reddit and Quora.

Reddit and Quora is a forum website that encourages interaction between people. The difference between these 2 is the way that content is organized. Quora is a website that allows users to ask questions on any kind of topic, whereas Reddit is a social news website that allows users to submit content. 

Both platforms allow other users to answer questions, interact in the comments section, and vote on-topic submissions. Reddit and Quora may differ in how content is presented, but the best practices to fully maximize the advantages and opportunities in the website are quite similar. 

Therefore, it would be helpful to take note of the tips on how to use it, such as the following:

  • Take note of their community rules
  • Practice thought leadership
  • Establish trust by being an active member
  • Know the subreddits your target audiences use
  • Use short post titles
  • Always fact check
  • Know the optimal time to post
  • Ensure the originality and quality of content posted
  • Use visual materials that appeal to the target market
  • Re-answer questions
  • Use available paid advertising opportunities

1) Take Note of Their Community Rules

To generate conversions on both platforms, it’s essential to understand what the community wants and to avoid being banned or penalized by the community. 

Unfortunately, there’s a catch between publishing self-promotional content to fulfill your marketing goals and being penalized for excessively doing so. This applies to both platforms, and it’s essential to maintain a balanced way of self-promoting.

For Reddit, popular submissions quickly make it to the front page, but it may be difficult to generate attention because of the many content that’s frequently published on the platform. Because of that, the topics are further divided into subreddits to attract more leads to the post.

On the other hand, Quora may be an easier platform to navigate. But you may find it difficult to plug your content without compromising the trust that you’ve built among your audiences. This may reduce your credibility and further delay your progress in building a reputation as a trusted and authentic source on the platform.

To ensure that the rules of each platform are followed, carefully reviewing the frequently asked questions of each platform may help avoid any misbehaviors and penalties on your part. For Reddit and Quora, the basic rules that apply to the communities are:

  • Never engage in spamming
  • Never ask for upvotes
  • Never promise reciprocity of upvotes to cross promote
  • Only add links to your own content
  • Gather karma points before you can promote your own links
  • Avoid getting repeated notifications or else you’ll be banned

2) Practice Thought Leadership

Quora and Reddit are good marketing platforms, but it prioritizes their aspect of being a community first and foremost. One way to stand out on both platforms is to share something unique and appealing to your niche. 

Don’t just jump on topics that everyone finds trending. If you want to establish your brand as an invaluable source and an industry leader, you have to be the first to create new content to generate more buzz and start new conversations with your niche.

Despite prioritizing novelty ideas in these platforms, hitting the right keywords is still essential to allow the brand to reach its intended audiences. Aside from keywords, it would also be helpful to look at the format of posts and responses to know what appeals to the community.

3) Establish Trust By Being An Active Member

Quora and Reddit require consistent posting in order to gain trust. Quora and Reddit users will not perceive you as a trusted account if your account is still new to the platform yet all you do is post promotional content. 

It takes being a genuine participant in these powerful marketing platforms before you can expect anything in return. Additionally, being an active member of Quora and Reddit reduces your chances of being regarded as a spam content creator by moderators of the platform. 

This adds authenticity to the brand and it’s more likely for them to believe in the claims indicated in promotional content. So take time to engage with your niche through other posts so it would be easier for them to trust your account.

4) Know the Subreddits Your Target Audiences Use

Other than using subreddits to generate more engagement, a subreddit is also a good aspect of Reddit where marketers can learn more about their target audience through the issues that they talk about, their goals in life, and the language they use.

Additionally, subreddits are even more important than the front page as most subreddits tend to gain more followers than front page posts. So if your brand aspires to generate more traffic to these platforms, monitor subreddits or distribute relevant content to them.

Marketing is all about filling up the need that your target market has in order to generate conversions. Both platforms do more than simply contribute to the success of the account you opened in those, it can also contribute to the success of your other content marketing strategies in other social media platforms such as Facebook.

5) Use Short Post Titles

It’s good to hit the keywords using the post title, but make sure not to overdo it by having a really long post title. Make sure that the title is still concise and attractive to the target users. The same applies to the body of the post. As a rule of thumb, the word count of the title of your post must be between 20 to 80 characters.

Don’t compromise the quality of your post by putting so much into it for the sake of hitting keywords or appealing to many kinds of Quora and Reddit users at once. Keep it short and engaging to generate meaningful conversations from it. 

Remember that you’re not writing a novel. If you want to answer a question, keep it direct to the point. Every part of your post must be extremely necessary and helpful to the question being answered.

6) Always Fact Check

It’s essential to only share updated and credible information, not just to comply with community rules, but also to avoid getting backlash from false information. Reddit and Quora can give you the opportunity to build authority, but a single mistake is crucial in maintaining your online reputation in the online world. Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever and there’s no going back from that.

7) Know the Optimal Time To Post

Reddit and Quora are community platforms where accounts can engage in one another, thus, being a good platforms to build trust and authenticity as a brand. Despite the unique way of generating engagement on these platforms using the comment section, votes, and content posts, it doesn’t mean that the established marketing strategy of reaching out to your targets should be forgotten.

As important as knowing the right keywords to use is knowing the best time to post content on Reddit and Quora. Other than the available online resources that guide marketers in the optimal times to post content on the platforms, you can also study the behavior of your niche through subreddits, comment sections, or simply by taking note of the usual time that they interact with your posts.

8) Ensure the Originality and Quality of Content Posted

Quora and Reddit do more than push your brand to your target users, it gives you an opportunity to actually be part of the community of your target users so you can directly communicate with your intended audiences. This gives you a deeper understanding of the target market of your brand.

So it’s essential to create original and high-quality content to generate enriching conversations. Quora and Reddit do give you an opportunity to promote your brand, but this process is only 20% of what brands actually do on these platforms. Majority of their efforts are directed into engaging with their target audience through meaningful discussions.

It’s also helpful to ensure that your post is unique and not similar to any other content. Some users copy and paste content, but these often look like spam content, which can get you flagged by moderators of the platform.

9) Use Visual Materials That Appeal to the Target Market

One of the usual visual materials added to posts on Quora and Reddit are infographics and videos. Deciding on which kind of visual material to use depends on what appeals to your niche. However, including a video would also help aside from long visuals such as infographics.

Whatever you include in your post, make sure to upload high-quality images to assure users that these really came from you. Poor resolution of the graphics uploaded in a post can also result in a poor perception of your brand.

10) Re-answer Questions

Posting original content is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t answer questions that have already been answered. However, it’s important to take note that you should only reanswer questions that you have a different and more meaningful answer to. If you’re just gonna repeat what’s already said in other threads, then you’re better off not reanswering that question.

Browse Reddit and Quora answers and double-check the answers posted to avoid posting duplicate content when answering questions. This ensures that what you’re posting is valuable content that can attract attention and increase traffic from qualified leads.

11) Use Available Paid Advertising Opportunities

Quora and Reddit platforms have a preference for organic content posting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the available advertisement opportunities in the platform such as banners. Both platforms are almost the same in terms of customizing paid advertisements to have better reach, however, Quora differs from Reddit in terms of pre-set targeting options. 

Reddit allows you to configure each setting one by one or choose from 3 bidding options to set your cost which include cost per impression (CPM), cost per view (CPV), and cost per click (CPC). Although Quora allows that too, there are different categories of targeting in the platform that makes a marketer’s life easier, such as the following:

  • Contextual targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Broad targeting

Quora and Reddit have many similarities, and others make the mistake of using exactly the same approach and the same principles to it, but each has its own unique aspect to making the posts perform favorably. Whatever you choose to integrate into your content strategy, always make sure to have a strongly formatted call to action and relevant landing page to facilitate the conversion and loyalty-building process.

Why You Should Use Quora and Reddit for Content Marketing

It’s important to have a good understanding of the platforms that you’ll be using for your Quora and Reddit marketing strategy, but before that, you must first identify your content marketing goals and then plan how to use the platforms for it.

The difference between Reddit and Quora is in the voice used by brands on the platform to generate more engagement through new content. Others may claim that Quora is more geared towards building authority, while Reddit provides a great way to generate awareness. 

Reddit and Quora are equally powerful platforms to generate engagement and interact with the community that your intended audiences belong to. In addition, the following are the reasons why you should start adding Quora and Reddit to your content marketing strategy:

  • These platforms boost web traffic if you use your accounts properly
  • You can generate quality and meaningful leads across all the platforms you use
  • You get to increase brand authority through new content
  • You can effectively target niche audiences and learn more from them

Boost Your SEO Strategy By Doing the Best Practices of Using Quora and Reddit for Content Marketing

There are many opportunities in Reddit and Quora that marketers must not miss out on when planning their content strategy. This does more than generate awareness, engagement, and conversions, it can actually lead to the establishment of a loyal set of followers.

Quora and Reddit are often seen as mere blogging platforms, but these are actually valuable platforms that you can include in your pull marketing strategy to attract more users to the brand. But to effectively do so requires careful planning of your moves to establish authenticity and avoid being banned from these platforms.

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