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Great niche topic writers don’t have to be PhDs and master-level nerds. Sometimes they’re just really awesome writers.

Authoritly is a results-focused SEO agency headed by growth hacker Ivan Juras. He can put any business on page one with his tried and tested methods for ranking. The only problem? He couldn’t find reliable, consistent writers to make the agency’s SEO skills shine.

Authoritly | Agency Case Study | Digital Marketing and SEO

The Problem

Authoritly is an optimization-first agency with in-house SEO experts and web developers. They know how to build an amazing foundation through optimization, but they were missing a key factor in actually getting their clients’ results to show: good content.

When Ivan first reached out to us, he had two main bottlenecks:
NICHE: Rotating freelancers made it difficult to establish clients as authority leaders. Their clients included a gigantic stem cell research company with HQs in Chicago and India; how was the average writer going to compete?
Scalabilty: Changing algorithms made it difficult for freelancers to keep up. He wanted a hands-off team that acted like an in-house team.
Authoritly’s namesake is also their primary mission: to make their clients the authority on any given topic, from microneedling pens to stem cell therapy. They needed writers who had a more nuanced understanding of SEO, who went beyond keyword stuffing and understood core concepts like NLP and actual human readability.
They thought this was a tall, impossible-to-fulfill order. Then they met Writrly.
More importantly, they needed writers who could do a deep dive on a variety of topics without much supervision. They needed writers who understood reader intent without sacrificing the business’ voice.

Case Study Highlights:


increase in deal size


average spend per client per month



The Solution

“Oh man, you have no idea. I don’t think I could work with anyone else but Writrly, honestly. I can’t deal with freelancers on Upwork and it would just feel impossible onboarding anyone else. Our process is so smooth and easy and I feel like just any other writer giving me the same quality would just be difficult to scale with.”
Landing page content for lead generation
Email newsletters for upselling
Product descriptions
Website copy
In just two months, Authoritly saw a drastic increase in referrals from their existing clients. With Writrly’s content production team, Ivan was able to help businesses rank for location-specific services and products, increase sign-ups for their lead magnets, and become local authorities for niche topics.
Instead of wasting countless hours training writers on how to work with optimization tools, or editing their articles to fit the client’s tone, he had time to double down on things like account management and sales to grow Authoritly into a seven-figure agency.

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