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How Evergreen Content Can Work For You

Digital presence is crucial for many businesses, especially today when a lot of potential customers are almost always online. This means that if you want to increase your business visibility and drive long-term growth, you should have a solid content marketing strategy. 

And if there’s one effective content marketing tactic that’s certainly helpful for a lot of brands, it’s running an online blog. With blogging, you can expand your reach, increase leads, and inform your audience about your products and services. 

But to make your blog successful, you have to have an archive of well-written, relevant, and timeless content. It’s not enough that you’re constantly posting articles on schedule, but they need to have value so they can withstand the test of time. This type of content is what is usually referred to as evergreen. 

What Makes Content Evergreen? 

By its simplest definition, evergreen content is content that can remain relevant for a long time. Unlike news articles or stories about the latest trends, there’s no set expiration date on evergreen content and they can stay valuable and meaningful for years. They’re also highly sustainable and can be repurposed or updated so that it stays fresh and useful even after their first publication. 

The secret to creating evergreen content is to write about topics that are always relevant to your business and your customers. You shouldn’t bother too much about time-sensitive or seasonal topics because they can be easily forgotten. 

When developing evergreen stories that will generate and maintain long-term traffic for your blog, it’s always important to do quick keyword research about what people are constantly looking for. Your content will have a higher chance of staying in the search engine rankings and bringing consistent website visits if you write about topics that tickle the interests of your readers, regardless of the time and season.  

Examples of Evergreen Content VS Poor Content Examples 

Effective evergreen content should be written for a purpose, such as to educate, inform, persuade, or entertain. More than having an interesting and catchy headline, readers are more interested in the essence of the article. 

Here are some examples of strong evergreen content: 

1) How-to Articles

This type of content works because readers will always appreciate step-by-step guides or easy-to-follow instructions that can help them complete a difficult task. You can even use this format to elaborate on your product or service to give your customers a better idea of what you’re offering. Some examples of how-to topics are: 

  • How To Repair A Kitchen Cabinet
  • How To Install A CCTV At Home 
  • How To Troubleshoot Laptop 

2) Listicles 

You can also present your topic in a comprehensive list format that makes it easier for your customers to digest your content. With listicles, you can share information clearly and more efficiently. It’s also appealing to readers who like to consume shorter articles that they can finish within minutes. Some great examples of listicles are: 

  • 5 Tips To Writing Amazing Content 
  • 8 Best SEO Software Programs That You Can Use For Your Business 
  • 7 Things Readers Can Expect From An eCommerce Blog 

3) FAQs

Customers are also keen on reading content that answers specific questions about a particular topic or product. With this type of content, you can offer your expertise and knowledge about their common queries. Some examples of common question-and-answer articles are: 

  • What Is An Electronic Medical Record? 
  • Why Do You Need To Install Security Patch Updates? 
  • How Should You Prepare For A Job Interview? 

4) Product Reviews or Resource Guides 

When people want to buy a particular product, their first instinct is to search for reviews or guides about it. Product reviews, guides, and recommendations are evergreen information since they can help customers to know more about brands before they make their purchase decisions. 

On the other hand, here’s what poor content typically looks like: 

  • Latest trend articles 
  • News and time-bound stories 
  • Statistics-based content
  • Seasonal stories 
  • New product announcements 

Writing Evergreen Content: How Timeless Pieces Can Be Repurposed to Other Forms of Content 

Since evergreen content doesn’t have a lifespan, you can repackage them in different forms and re-share them how many times you want to magnify your audience's reach. There are several types of new pieces you can create using your evergreen content. This can include: 

1) Emails

Email newsletters are still an effective digital marketing strategy, and you can actually take snippets from your evergreen content and send them out to your customers. You can start a daily or weekly email series where you share bite-sized pieces from your available content to your existing readers. 

2) Social media posts

In blogs, the reach of your articles is limited to the people who actually visit your site. However, you can be visible to a larger audience when you transform your content into Facebook and Instagram posts. One benefit that this offers is that you can channel your creativity and include visuals along with your written content. 

3) Videos 

You can also connect with your customers through live or animated videos. Using your evergreen content, you can rewrite it into a script and create short clips or reels that you can share on online platforms.  

4) Infographics

If your content is heavy on data and numbers, your readers may also appreciate them more if you present them in infographics. With an infographic, you can summarize and outline the most important points of your content without boring your readers. This type of content can be shared on your business’s social media sites or website. 

5) Lead magnets

Evergreen content can also be repurposed into any piece of marketing collateral that aims to attract new leads. This can include white papers, product demos, emails, reports, guides, and case studies. 

6) Books

There’s also an opportunity to create educational eBooks using your existing blog content. With eBooks, you can offer a more in-depth explanation of the topics and concepts that you’ve touched on in your blog. It’s a great investment that can also generate additional sales or increase your audience reach. 

How To Determine Which Content To Repurpose 

When you want to repurpose your evergreen content, the first thing you need to do is to review your top-performing posts. Visiting your website archives is a great start to looking for content that stands out. You can check your site analytics and see which content has high engagement and views.  

Once you’ve pointed out which content you can reuse, find new ways and angles on how you can present them. Try to determine if you can add more information to the topic to improve its quality and ensure that it stays relevant. 

Beyond Engagement: Why Bother With Evergreen Content? 

Having evergreen content can help your business flourish in different ways. For one, it can allow you to steadily develop a strong online presence. By ensuring that your content is SEO-ready, you can consistently appear on the searches for your industry and drive website visits. 

Timeless stories also help increase awareness to generate new prospects for your businesses. If you’re publishing thought-leader content, it can help establish your credibility and improve your reputation as a trustworthy brand among your target audience. 

Writrly: Your Partner in Producing High-Quality and Lasting Content

With well-written, researched, and quality content, you can make a more lasting impact among your customers that goes beyond sales. Discover the advantages that evergreen content can bring to your business with Writrly. Call us today to know more about our packages and start building your content archive. 

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