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Why Invest in Content Marketing?

Most brands today already engage in content marketing due to its positive effects in driving business growth, as it allows you to connect with your audience at a deeper level. Despite reports on its benefits, some brands still haven’t started boosting their online presence due to unique challenges. But smart and effective content marketing efforts can actually clear the roadblocks you encounter in elevating your business.

So why should you invest in content marketing? Content marketing allows you to reach your marketing goals in a cost-efficient manner. It establishes your credibility and boosts brand awareness, trust, and retention, building a strong relationship with your customers. Content marketing also has tools and techniques for generating and nurturing leads. This marketing approach can drive growth into your business as it promotes high ROIs.

Why Should I Invest in Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is a strategic approach involving creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and connect with potential customers, driving profitable consumer actions. Many brands today realize its importance in boosting their brand – according to SEMrush, around 97% of the businesses asked in the survey engage in content marketing and deem it a vital part of their overall marketing strategy. This is because this approach:

1) Maximizes Your Budget

One of the benefits of content marketing is its cost efficiency, allowing you to get the most out of your marketing budget, whether you’re a small start-up, a growing business, or an established enterprise.

Content marketing is a cost-effective option because you can customize your content strategy to make it suitable for your capacity. Creating quality content that appeals to your target consumers can guarantee more stable returns, promoting brand awareness, lead generation, and consumer relationships.

Brands can still expect high up-front costs and returns that won’t reflect immediately with content marketing. But it still costs less than traditional marketing and paid ads and provides more long-term results. You establish a strong customer relationship that relies on you for relevant content.

Comparing Content Marketing with Traditional Marketing

Engaging in content marketing first can help you save money more than investing in traditional or outbound marketing by 62%. Promoting your brand on TV, print, or radio is more expensive than creating high-quality content and nurturing your website's maturation process. 

Content marketing generates 3x more leads than the traditional method, making it a more cost-effective option. More than this, most businesses can reach a broader audience by producing relatable content than publishing advertisements featuring their brand. 

2) Allows You to Reach Your Marketing Goals 

Content marketing isn’t always the first thing many businesses prioritize, especially when starting their venture. This is because some of them still have their hands full in resolving unique challenges that get in the way of expanding their business. 

Content marketing may be an elaborate marketing strategy, but it can help you overcome the hurdles you encounter in your processes and promote sustainable growth in your business. It allows you to reach your marketing goals, whether you’re still getting started or you’re a thriving business looking to expand significantly. 

3) Establishes Credibility

Content marketing helps establish credibility for your brand and set you up for success in thought leadership – this is crucial in competitive industries as it allows you to set your brand apart from your competitors. Publishing relevant content consistently demonstrates your expertise in your niche, making your target consumers deem your brand a trusted authority. Internet users will turn to your brand when they need valuable information about your industry.

Creating high-quality content promotes the authenticity and integrity of your brand, especially today when the digital space is teeming with undeclared social media ads, inaccurate and misleading information, and rogue bots. Establishing your credibility will give your potential customers confidence in learning more about your industry and brand.

4) Boosts Brand Awareness

One of the most valuable benefits of content marketing is that it helps you build brand awareness, getting your business on the radar of your target consumers. It’s one of the top 3 goals of B2C businesses in engaging in content marketing, with 80% of them achieving this objective.

Brand awareness is crucial for nurturing potential customers and driving profitable actions – getting your audiences aware of your brand is one of the first stages of fostering a strong relationship and loyalty. But this doesn’t come so easily, as users see various advertisements and brands daily, making them forget about your brand.

Effective strategies involving producing and distributing more content that appeals to your audience help boost brand awareness. While it may not produce immediate results, engaging in content marketing can boost your online presence as it: 

a) Promotes High Rankings on SERPs

Content marketing builds brand awareness by boosting your SEO ranking – gaining high rankings on search engine results pages or SERPs keeps your pages visible to the right audience. Users seeking information or solutions within your niche will find and interact with your content, and they will remember your brand if it’s useful for them.

At first, you may have noticed that the content you publish doesn’t rank higher in the Google search results or other search engines – this is because your website and content first need to mature and be deemed credible and trustworthy by search engines. The right content strategy sets you up for success in content maturation by:

  • Ensuring the creation of credible and authoritative long-form content
  • Establishing domain authority
  • Employing the best SEO practices
  • Optimizing your website architecture for users and search engines

b) Builds Your Social Media Following

Social media is also one of the most effective platforms to boost your brand awareness and attract organic traffic, allowing you to engage with your audiences on a deeper and more intimate level. 

You can get creative and post relatable content consistently to gain and increase a loyal following. Creating posts that resonate with your target consumers boosts awareness as more people engage with your content by liking, commenting or sharing.

5) Gets You Intimate with Your Target Audience

Engaging in content marketing allows you to reach a broader audience and boost customer relationships. Content marketers gain credible data about their target consumers and create content that answers their questions or provides solutions to their pain points. Your content can bridge the gap between your business and consumers, allowing audiences to interact with your brand and share their thoughts.

Content marketing also gets you intimate with your audiences as you become compelled to learn more about them to create more suitable campaigns – you can use this valuable information in other aspects of your business, not only in content marketing.

6) Establishes Consumer Trust

It's one thing to reach a broader audience and nurture a relationship with them but establishing trust is another, especially today when consumer trust in brands is at an all-time low. Consumers have already become more skeptical and cynical about advertisements and content that promote products and services. 

That’s why engaging in content marketing and creating content that audiences need might put you at a more competitive edge in establishing trust and fostering loyalty in existing customers.

Promoting consumer trust and loyalty is one of the benefits of content marketing. You create credible content that demonstrates your expertise in your niche and helps your audiences without asking for anything in return – most consumers tend to find this a refreshing change when they’re accustomed to self-promotional ads. 

According to a survey conducted by Dragon Search Marketing, 61% of consumers get influenced by content customized for them. That’s why 59% of brands use content marketing for building loyalty among existing consumers.

7) Generates Leads

One of the most significant benefits of content marketing is that it can generate leads. Audiences that have viewed your content are more likely to trust your brand and purchase your product or service in the future. You and your team can also generate new leads by placing your calls to action or CTA in your content.

Content marketing can generate leads as you create content that attracts users to your landing page. Inbound leads with content generation are also more conducive to nurture than outbound leads – 67% of content marketers have witnessed an increase in lead generation with content marketing, making it one of the primary goals of 47% of companies.

8) Promotes High ROIs

Content marketing has been one of the most effective strategies in digital marketing by improving conversions and providing high ROIs or returns of investment. Establishing your credibility with authoritative content to nurture leads and build trust and loyalty eventually leads to profitable consumer actions. 

Audiences engaged with your content become confident in performing desired consumer actions – 61% of online customers in the U.S. purchase after reading recommendations on a blog article. 

How to Invest More Time in Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to connect with your audiences and build strong relationships, driving profitable consumer actions. But it still cannot be denied that some businesses still struggle with getting started with content marketing. Here are some of the ways to get the most out of your content marketing efforts:

1) Define Your Objectives

As established, content marketing helps businesses achieve their marketing goals. That’s why to get the most out of your time in content marketing, you may want to start with defining your objectives, both long and short-term. This allows you to create strategies more aligned with your content marketing goals. You can determine your goals by understanding your market position and assessing the performance of your company.

2) Research Target Audience 

With content marketing, you aim to connect with your audiences and build a strong relationship by providing appealing content. And to know the things that appeal to your audience, you must first gain a deeper understanding of them. This allows you to determine the most suitable topics, content formats, platforms, and language for your content. To research your consumers you might want to:

  • Review existing analytics and data you have
  • Talk to your consumers
  • Integrate into groups where your consumers are
  • Conduct surveys
  • Track feedback, engagements, and comments from your audience
  • Read up on conversations within your niche
  • Create buyer personas
  • Observe your competitors

3) Identify Your Market Position 

Identifying your market position will also help you determine the goals you should set for your content marketing framework. Review your company’s performance and assess your strengths and weaknesses and brand identity. From these insights, develop the benchmarks to base your goals – these numbers will serve as vital metrics for measuring your growth and spotting possible bottlenecks. 

4) Come Up with a Sustainable Content Marketing Framework

To get the most out of your time engaging in content marketing, you must create and document a content marketing strategy that oversees your short and long-term growth. It must also be suitable to the current capacity of your business, ensuring that every campaign contributes to your overall growth. Documenting a content marketing framework allows your efforts to be united and properly aligned with your goals. To get started, you must:

  • Consider your buyer’s journey
  • Determine content types to focus on 
  • Identify platforms to distribute content
  • Plan content on cluster topics for pillar pages

5) Focus on Producing High-Quality Content 

The success of your content marketing effort doesn’t lie in the volume of the content you upload, especially when you sacrifice quality and overstretch your capacity only to meet an unrealistic quota. You might want to focus on producing valuable content that your audiences will find engaging. 

You may publish content less often as long as it follows a consistent schedule according to your content marketing framework. In fact, 85% of content marketers believe publishing high-quality content less often is more effective, and 55% of successful content marketing efforts focus on improving the quality of content.

You should also opt for evergreen content or content that’s always fresh and relevant. Evergreen content gives you a better chance at increasing website traffic and leads. Since it stays valuable for a long time, you get the most of the time spent producing these types of content.

6) Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is a good way to get the most out of your time and effort in content marketing. It allows you to repackage evergreen content into multiple formats for various platforms, making more audiences interact and connect with you. It’s also pretty easy to scale, so you can still meet your posting schedules with valuable content, even if you’re operating on a limited capacity.

7) Delegate Content Marketing Tasks

Engaging in content marketing can be overwhelming at first because there seems to be a lot to get done. But as established, content marketing is highly customizable, so you won’t plan campaigns your company can’t do. You just have to start delegating tasks among your team once you’ve already documented a content strategy. 

In-house Content Marketing Team vs. Outsourced Industry Experts

Choosing between building an in-house content marketing team or outsourcing your campaigns depends on your capacity and resources. Some companies choose to have their content marketing team. This offers more tightly-knit processes due to having direct insights, information, and communication. 

But creating an in-house team may only be effective if you have the resources to hire experienced professionals and the time to oversee them. This option may also cost more than it seems as you pay for insurance and others, on top of salary. 

On the other hand, outsourcing your content marketing campaign to industry experts allows you to entrust your campaigns to a highly-trained team with access to other professionals, like SEO experts, graphic designers, and more. They can also have better guarantees of providing positive results due to having expert skills and experience. 

The downside of outsourcing your content marketing campaigns is not having more direct communication and processes. You also need to ensure choosing a trusted team because some agencies might not deliver the results you’re expecting. 

8) Track your Progress

Monitor your data analytics and assess your performance. Even if you’ve prepared your data and benchmarks and created your content strategy thoroughly, there might always be gaps in your campaigns that need to be addressed immediately. 

More than this, tracking your progress also allows you to ensure that your content marketing efforts are running smoothly according to plan. Your key metrics also provide insights, guiding you in making informed decisions.

Elevating Your Business with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy involving creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to connect and build strong relationships among audiences to drive traffic, improve conversions, and deliver business growth. Companies should engage in content marketing because it costs less than outbound marketing but drives more leads and engagements.

Content marketing also allows you to reach your marketing goals by establishing credibility, boosting brand awareness, and building better customer relationships, promoting brand loyalty. More than these, content marketing also provides high returns. Because of these, content marketing offers you a better chance at elevating your business.

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