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What To Look For In Content Writers For Dating Apps

Content writing can be a successful pull marketing strategy that can generate conversions if it’s done correctly. In contrast with traditional marketing strategies that push customers to the product, content can attract customers to the product and create a deeper impact in the process. So hiring content writers that can create quality content and apply basic SEO principles is crucial to enhance a brand’s content strategy.

So what should a dating app look for in their potential content writers? Content writers must have the ability to craft their content with the right structure and design so that it builds the dating app’s superior reputation and creates lasting relationships with the customers. Hence, dating apps must carefully scrutinize the writing and SEO techniques of their candidates for content writing.

How to Choose the Right Content Writers for Your Dating App

With well-written content, content writers can pull potential users into the dating app. But unlike other industries and applications, the target market of dating apps is different. So it’s crucial to hire the right content writers for the job.

For one, their attention span is generally shorter and their interests, needs, and wants are also different. Second, there are certain ways that brands can demonstrate their relevance through the structure, language, and visual design of their content.

So what must dating apps look for in their content writers? Take note of the following qualities of a content writer that you must not miss:

  • Capacity to build authority
  • Engaging content structure and design
  • Capability in writing for the target market
  • Relevance-enhancing techniques
  • Basic SEO knowledge

1) Capacity To Build Authority

Content writers must have authority in the way they write. However, because of the many differing opinions on relationships and gender, the content writer must always successfully attempt to stay politically correct in their content. 

They wouldn’t want to offend any reader so as not to sway potential users or even the secondary and tertiary target market that can lead you to the actual target segment. The content that these writers create must be the perfect blend of respectful and action-oriented.

They must also be knowledgeable about new trends so they can write good content about it. In the process, your brand can establish its authority in dating and relationships if they know how to properly talk to the market in modern times.

This also means that cliches should be avoided. Dating apps can’t build a superior and differentiated position without straying away from traditional and generic advice. Content writers for dating apps must have the capacity to be bold in a relevant way so they can establish the brand as the best go-to for advice in dating and relationships.

2) Engaging Content Structure And Design

The topic of love, relationships, and commitment will always be relevant; you just have to position it in a way that will stir emotions and convert visitors. SEO is important, but only to a certain extent. Optimizing your content will only do so much to attract your potential customers. But to generate actual conversions, content writers must know how to write for humans. 

Make sure you don't simply stuff keywords into your content when optimizing it for SEO. In addition to readability, the aesthetic appeal should also be considered for the written content. Your dating app's visuals and content design must also be consistent with its branding. You want your intended audience to focus on or capture the most important parts of your content using visuals.

3) Capability In Writing For The Target Market

A writer can’t create a content writing strategy that actually works without knowing who to target in the first place. Although that’s mostly the job of dating applications per se, a writer must know how to approach the target market. Their personality or writing skills must not be mismatched with a dating site’s potential and current users.

For instance, dating apps would normally want the younger generation to write for their own generation who has the same dating mindset, instead of getting a married person whose idea of dating is to settle down. Unless the content writer is good enough to shift their personalities and beliefs for the sake of content, find someone that has the same dating philosophy.

Doing so would lead you to content writers producing written content that’s more at par with the direction that you’re going for.

4) Relevance-Enhancing Techniques

There is a high level of competition in the dating industry. Therefore, it is crucial to develop strategies for dominating aspects of the customer's daily social media and search engine usage. The key to this is relevance.

Content writers must know how to write relevantly by improving the audience's connection to the written content. Continuous research, surveys, and discussion with potential users may be helpful to immerse a writer further into techniques for relevance. 

But the innate way that writers attempt to be relevant must also be looked into. Relevance is a continuous process, something that must always be consistently evaluated and updated accordingly by the writer to allow the dating app to stay on top of the search engine ranking.

Furthermore, for content writing for dating app websites, a qualified content writer must know how to work their way around the following essential aspects of relevant written content:

  • The kind of relationship
  • Tone of voice and language used
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Targeted insights and metrics
  • Visual content design and structure
  • Integrated marketing platforms

5) Basic SEO Knowledge

Even if there’s to a certain extent that SEO works, a content writer’s basic knowledge of SEO is still important. There has to be a deep understanding of what SEO means, what it’s all about, why content must be SEO-friendly, and how to optimize content in the first place.

A content writer must write for humans, but the content must also resonate with search engines so that the process of reaching potential users can be more efficient and effective. They must learn how to work their way around keywords that can significantly boost their search engine ranking without sacrificing the readability of the written content.

Why Content Marketing Matters For Dating Apps

Content marketing allows brands to cement their role in an aspect of the customer’s life, which makes it especially important for dating app websites. Dating, relationships, and commitment are highly personal concepts. 

The presence of the dating app in search engine results can also contribute to the success of its customer relationship management strategy. Content writing strategies can be easily built using relevant content, good visuals, and the right dating philosophy, all of which a content writer must have sufficient knowledge of.

Brands may have to give more value to their content to attract customers to their applications. But the benefits of high-quality content go beyond attracting potential customers, it may also result in the following benefits for dating applications:

  • Get Users To Stick Around
  • Establish Your Dating Mantra
  • Personalize Dating Experiences
  • Improve Audience Connection

What Content Writers Can Learn From Successful Dating Profiles

Successful dating profiles and high-quality content have something in common: attractiveness. Relevance makes content attractive, which is the primary goal of writing for potential users to pull them into the dating application.

Content writers can learn some tips from the best dating profiles by determining the points which are attractive to current users so they can use these techniques in their written content. The following are the important aspects of successful dating profiles that may be integrated into content to make it more superior:

  • Using the right headline. Headlines aren’t just the first thing that attracts potential leads to the content, it’s also an important component of content that optimizes it for search engines. Aside from being SEO-friendly, it’s also essential for headlines to be clickable and grammatically correct so that it makes sense for your potential users to search for them. Don’t make headlines that are too complicated. As much as possible, headlines should be catchy and trendy in a way that’s basic. This also applies to subheaders.
  • Spice up your keywords. The purpose of SEO is to boost the visibility of your written content on search engines. Having a keyword strategy that combines quantitative and qualitative factors is necessary so that the content achieves its intended goals.
  • Keep your eyes on the target. Like successful dating profiles, you need to know who and what exactly you are looking for. You'll need to find the right niche group that is an ideal match for your dating philosophy. By refining the market segment, you may be able to create content that feels more personal, as well as reach out to a greater number of people rather than simply appealing to a broad audience. 
  • Incite action. Don’t just tell potential users what role you can fill in their lives. Like successful dating profiles, you have to also tell them what you want from them. This way, the expectations are set and actionable takeaways will provide a direction for potential users to follow. Thus, seamlessly converting them into current users.

HireThe Right People for Dating Apps

Content is a good way to drive action among potential users. This makes the intention clear and the conversion process seamless. It’s also a way to maintain the audience connection of the writer, and to measure the significant impact of the article to identify the necessary points for improvement.

Hiring content writers that are qualified to write for dating apps is crucial so that content writing will serve its purpose of promoting awareness and generating conversions. The qualifications that you're looking for in a content writer can vary based on your branding as a dating app, but securing a team of flexible and well-versed content specialists can give you the results you want.

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