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What Should I Include in My MSP’s Newsletter?

Content marketing has become one of the most essential reasons for a successful MSP brand. Even 67% of B2B companies agree that content marketing has helped them generate demands and leads.

But content marketing is more than just publishing monthly blogs — it involves careful planning and creating different types of content that stimulate the audiences’ interest in the brand’s products and services. Aside from blog posts, MSP companies also often use other content marketing materials like case studies, reviews, newsletters, and more.

Email marketing is an important way to connect to audiences and give them a personalized experience, but it’s only effective if it includes the right things. When creating newsletters for your customers, make sure each one has captivating subject lines, personalized content, engaging signup forms, on-brand designs, special offers, and compelling CTA sections.

Why MSP Newsletters Matter

Content is king and newsletters are the best chariots for the king’s message to reach the audience’s doorstep. Well-crafted emails are great at bridging gaps between generated leads and happy clients. People who give the brand their email are often those who are willing to speak more about the brand and its products or services.

Newsletters are one of the most powerful content marketing tools that MSPs can use to directly communicate with customers and prospects in a highly personalized manner. They’re better suited for educating and entertaining subscribers than for making sales, but they should still motivate the receiver to take action – whether it’s for reading the latest blog, checking out a case study, participating in a giveaway, signing up for an event, or enlisting MSP services.

Receiving a newsletter should make audiences feel like they’re getting an interesting and helpful update from a friend instead of a persistent and annoying pitch from a stubborn salesperson. If done correctly, email newsletters can contribute to the growth of an MSP. When MSPs send personalized updates, readers tend to trust their brand – and the more audiences trust a brand that understands their needs, the more willing they are to do business with that company.

If you’re still on the fence about using newsletters for your MSP brand, here are some figures that may convince you to start sending personalized emails to different prospects:

6 Important Things Found in MSP Newsletters

The point of using newsletters is to keep every subscriber informed, connected, and engaged with the MSP, as well as let them know what’s new with the brand or industry. There are different ways to write newsletters, but they should always have the explicit intention to provide readers with the value that’s relevant to them.

Newsletters with no clear intention often look unprofessional and feel like a chore to write. Consistency is one of the most important keys of content marketing that audiences should also notice in newsletters. While the main topic of each email may vary, it’s important to include these 6 essential parts:

1) Captivating Subject Lines

Think of good subject lines the same way you think of good titles and headlines. Most people decide to open an email or not based on the subject line, so it should be captivating and relevant to them. It’s crucial to put a lot of thought into each subject line so that it stands out instead of going straight to the spam folder.

Here are some tips to help MSP brands create the best subject lines for their newsletters:

  • Limit the use of words and characters (the ideal length is up to 40 characters)
  • Make sure that the subject line matches the content of the email
  • Avoid using spam alert words like “buy now” and “free”
  • Experiment now and then using questions as subject lines
  • Apply some humor and originality (without seeming too informal or unprofessional)
  • Don’t hesitate to use an emoji (but don’t use too many)

2) Engaging Checkboxes and Signup Forms

Using engaging language is needed in blog posts, but it’s arguably more important in something more personal like a newsletter. This language on signup forms and newsletters often gets readers excited about the content published by the brand, so make sure to write something like “Get awesome tech insights and IT news every week with us!” instead of the boring “Sign up for our emails today.”

Brands can also mention if they plan to send weekly newsletters so subscribers can look forward to them. Some readers also appreciate it when brands assure them that they won’t get spammed when they sign up for weekly newsletters. To make it easier for more people to sign up for the MSP newsletters, try these tips:

  • Put a link in the website for a newsletter signup
  • Set an exit popup that invites site visitors and prospects to sign up
  • Add a checkbox for newsletters on the contact form

3) Personalized Messages and Content

Newsletters with personalized subject lines are more likely to be opened by subscribers than those with generic subject lines. While email personalization has its benefits for lead generation and brand building, many MSPs still struggle to integrate personalization into their campaigns. Many of them think personalization involves re-organizing the entire database when in reality, their current approach only needs a few tweaks.

One of the best ways to get started on personalization is list segmentation. It refers to creating different customer segments and designing different newsletters dedicated to each of them. This helps make each message and content more personal to the reader. The more relevant the email is, the more likely the reader is to stay engaged with the MSP’s content.

4) Designs that Fit the MSP Brand

Style and design are just as important in an email as it is in the brand website, so treat each newsletter design as an extension of the website. Ensure that the newsletter contains the same logo and color scheme as the website to make it obvious that the email is from the same MSP company.

Aside from the design of the email itself, it’s also important to utilize engaging images – don’t get used to only sending all-text emails. Images can increase the audience’s desire to read the content, so make sure to place at least one in each email. It can be a header image, pictures of people, photos related to the content, or images of the team or the company.

5) Special Offers and Sales Coupons

Everybody loves freebies and discounts – some customers even sign up for newsletters for this very reason. People may even stay subscribed to a newsletter for years, so they may easily find a discount coupon in their email when they need the MSP service.

A limited-time coupon with an expiration date does wonders in driving short-term revenues when the MSP needs it. However, these coupons should only be offered sparingly as people or potential clients might expect the MSP services to always be on sale.

6) Compelling Call-To-Action Sections

Like landing pages, it’s also crucial for email newsletters to have call-to-action sections that encourage audiences to make a move. A compelling CTA section can be an invitation for the reader to contact the MSP for a free trial or an encouragement to follow the company’s social media accounts. It can also come in the form of discounts or special coupons. Every newsletter should end with an invite that incites interaction between the client and the brand.

Upgrade Your MSP Content With A Content Team

Designing an MSP’s newsletter doesn't have to be complicated – a little planning, consistency, and attention to design can go a long way in turning your boring emails into something that subscribers look forward to every week. 

A talented content team with digital storytelling expertise can help you save time and money when creating newsletters and other content for your brand. It’s time to switch to a content creation subscription service that takes care of everything from start to finish – including researching, planning, writing, editing, or designing the best on-brand content for you.

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