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What is the Power of Content Marketing?

As various industries get more competitive, consumer behavior is also changing, putting many businesses in a tough spot. The good thing is that these brands can rely on content marketing to boost brand awareness by demonstrating their expertise within their niche. This helps promote a stronger relationship with your consumers, encouraging them to make profitable actions.

So what is the power of content marketing? The power of content marketing lies in its ability to promote sustainable growth even with low costs, provide an organized marketing strategy, and create value that attracts audiences. These showcase brand visibility and promote a strong relationship, generating higher returns. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach involving creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to a clearly defined audience, allowing you to drive profitable customer action. With this method, you can demonstrate your authority in the industry and nurture leads toward conversion. It helps you promote brand awareness and establish a strong relationship with users.

This strategy offers a breath of fresh air to most businesses and consumers, especially today when most audiences have grown skeptical and pessimistic about traditional content. Anyone can spot a self-promotional advertisement from miles away, and many consumers tend to veer away from these strategies. 

Content marketing has been beneficial to many businesses, as it allows them to build rapport and trust with audiences using great content without asking anything in return. That’s why this content must be:

  • Valuable - original content providing valuable and free information to users, answering their questions, and contextualizing and solving real–life problems.
  • Relevant - your information must be credible and fresh, appealing to the interests and pain points of your audience.
  • Consistent - deliver content consistently to demonstrate your authority in the industry and promote trust and retention, maintaining viral success.

These draw your audience’s attention to your brand, allowing them to turn into high-quality leads. But you can only harness the power of content marketing with a unified and sustainable content strategy – otherwise, you might hurt your brand without knowing it.

The Story of the Power of Content Marketing 

As content marketing involves elaborate strategies and research within the digital space, some people may have thought this a new and advanced approach. While it’s true that this method has always been evolving, it’s actually not new. Many businesses may have already been using it, just in different ways.

  • Pre-1900s - the essence of content marketing, involving the creation and distribution of content for reaching audiences and marketing a product or service, may have had its beginnings in 1940 when the printing press was invented. This led to the production of brochures, pamphlets, and other content for marketing purposes.
  • The 1900s - 1920s - different types of content evolved and were published for driving sales, like The Michelin Guide, a large publication providing advice on travel and auto maintenance, to encourage more people to buy automobiles. The publications are also getting more and more specific to various niches.
  • The 1920s - 1940s - the emergence of radio has ushered in more advanced ways to expand businesses by providing information, entertainment, civic programming, and more. The Sears-Roebuck and Company, Procter & Gamble, and CBS radio became successful due to this approach.
  • The 1940s - 1960s - marketing with content distribution declined due to the increase of advertisement and propaganda during World War 2, except with the rise of marketing cereals with friendly animal characters and colorful packaging to form an emotional connection with kids.
  • The 1960s - 1980s - the multi-channel campaign was widely used during this time, with most Americans owning televisions.
  • The 1980s - 2000s - comic books and their heroes became popular content marketing forms. The digital age entered in 1990 with the proliferation of Internet usage and home computers, ushering in the use of emails and websites. Many businesses started to invest in these platforms, from TV and radio, giving birth to digital marketing. John F. Oppedahl coined the term “content marketing,” giving way to the modern way we practice today.
  • The 2000s - Present - content marketers have used search engine optimization or SEO, social media, and multi-channel marketing for creating and distributing content, with more advanced and strategic approaches to reaching audiences. Brands have effectively adapted to creating content for various platforms. Social media has greatly evolved since the emergence of smartphones.

This is only a brief history of the power of content marketing and its effects on several brands. Since the prehistoric ages, humans have been creating content. And with the changes in the economy and its structures, we adapt, along with the types of content we produce. Today, our processes have become highly elaborate, but they can always improve.

The Power of Content Marketing: Why Content Remains to Be King

You may have heard of the phrase, “content is king,” many times over, and its meaning is quite self-explanatory. It was coined in 1996 when Bill Gates wrote an essay of the same name, stating that content would produce the most sales on the Internet. He also mentions that this strategy allows everyone to create content, serving as an equalizer. 

Many things have already changed since the creation of this essay. Some marketing experts have already grown skeptical about content marketing. They pose that audiences have grown tired of reading. Search engines are already swamped with short and poor-quality content that brings no value, getting in the way of valuable content. 

But despite these skepticisms on content marketing, most content marketers still disagree – audiences and Google still love great content, and content isn’t limited to written text. Most people still believe in its power, as it:

1) Involves Low Cost, Sustainable Growth 

Bill Gates has mentioned that content marketing can become an equalizer. Anyone can engage in content creation and distribution to connect with more customers and have a chance at driving growth in their companies. But more than this, it is actually a cost-efficient marketing option, allowing one to save money but receive sustainable growth.

Content marketing as it involves a highly-customizable content strategy you can adjust based on your company size while still gaining sustainable returns. This also allows you to maximize your marketing budget. Creating high-quality content to attract potential customers also costs 62% less than traditional marketing yet generates leads 3x more. 

Implementing a content strategy can still have expensive up-front costs without immediate results. But its rates are still lower than other approaches in marketing, and it provides long-term growth when done right. Should you want to publish a paid advertisement, it’s important to note that they’re suitable for short-term plans.

2) Provides an Organized Marketing Strategy

The power of content marketing also lies in its potential to be as organized as possible, promoting utmost efficiency with measurable results. Companies can rely on a unified and long-term content marketing strategy to help resolve bottlenecks in their processes, achieve their marketing goals, and drive growth in their business.

Content marketing is suitable for every business, whether it’s a small-to-medium-sized startup or an enterprise seeking to expand. Content marketers can set the right pace for content creation and still receive promising leads. 

With a well-planned content strategy, companies can avoid getting overwhelmed, especially startups. After all, producing compelling content consistently matters more than having too many pieces that don’t really offer value. Most businesses know this power of content marketing, with 97% of the companies asked in a survey deeming it as an important part of their overall marketing strategy.

3) Creates Value That Helps Audiences

A good content strategy allows you to produce high-quality content that delights your readers, promoting a good relationship with them. This marketing approach also helps you demonstrate your brand’s expertise in your niche, building you up as a thought leader. When audiences have questions on problems related to your industry, they will turn to you and your content for answers or solutions, putting you in the best position for gaining conversions.

Content marketing helps demonstrate your credibility, setting you apart from your competitors. Creating high-quality content will also promote brand integrity and authenticity. This is vital in any business, especially when the confidence of consumers in brands is in a decline, and the Internet is swamped with inaccurate information, undeclared social media posts, or rogue bots.

4) Showcases Brand Visibility

Driving sales can be a challenge if only a few know about your product or services. This is where the power of content marketing can help as it allows you to showcase your brand and make it known to a broader audience. Boosting brand awareness is one of the goals of many businesses when creating and distributing great content. Around 80% of businesses have achieved this or were satisfied with the returns from their content marketing efforts.

Better brand awareness allows you to nurture leads and drive conversions to your brand. Creating high-quality and consistent content offers sustainable growth, making Google reward your pages with higher rankings on search engine results pages or SERPs. It can also grow your social media followers, allowing more people to find your brand.

5) Attracts Audiences

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing, a marketing approach that aims to attract customers with valuable and relevant interactions and content, unlike other types that are interruptive. A reliable content marketing strategy helps your brand attract audiences and generate high-quality leads. 

Informative and authoritative long-form content generates high-quality leads you can nurture toward conversion. Customers and even search engines will trust your content, rewarding you with higher rankings of SERPs. This allows your audience to find and interact with your content easily. 67% of content marketers report an increase in leads with This method.

6) Keeps You Connected with Your Audiences 

As mentioned, content marketing is a reliable strategy for many businesses today as it promotes a strong relationship with your target audience with valuable and relevant content without asking for anything in return. 

This helps build an emotional connection between your brand and potential consumers. Engaging in content marketing also allows you to interact with your audiences on a deeper level. This helps you gain important insights into your content strategy. 

7) Generates Promising Returns

The power of content marketing lies in gaining high returns of investment or ROI, with costs lower than having paid advertisements or engaging in outbound marketing. Content marketing improves conversions, driving growth in your business. High-quality and consistent content can help you generate engagements, build a thriving community, and drive sales. This can even result in repeat sales as more customers become loyal to your brand.

Having informative and valuable content keeps your target audience engaged with your brand, giving them more confidence in performing profitable customer actions. 61% of online customers often purchase after reading blogs containing recommendations.

Harness the Power of Content Marketing to Drive Growth into Your Business

Businesses have relied on content marketing to boost brand awareness, build a relationship with the audience, and promote trust, eventually driving profitable customer actions. Compared with other forms of marketing, they rely on this strategy because it brings sustainable growth at lower costs. It’s also suitable for a broad range of businesses.

Content marketers believe in the power of marketing because it provides an organized marketing strategy, creates value for the audience, and showcases brand visibility. It also attracts audiences and keeps you connected with them. This strategy requires lower costs but brings promising returns.

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