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Top 10 Search Queries Relevant To Dating Apps

The virtual scene has opened up so many opportunities to access the things that didn’t use to be accessible with just one click. One of these many things includes dating. As the dating game has moved online, more people look into search engines for tips on how to boost their gains when using dating applications.

So what are the potential and current users searching for that dating apps may use as content? Users usually ask questions on how to improve their dating profile, how to effectively use the dating app to find a match and the safety of using this app. Answering these questions is a good opportunity and a great start in creating relevant content.

Top 10 Search Queries That Are Relevant To Dating Apps

Knowing what your potential and target users are asking is one of the easiest ways to produce relevant content. In addition, some people who visit your website for their dating concerns simply want an answer instead of lengthy reading material.

A frequently asked question (FAQ) is an easy-to-read, short piece of content that contains relevant and useful information about dating issues that your target market frequently searches for. 

These concerns usually revolve around the improved use of the application, its safety, and features that may be confusing for the target market segment. Furthermore, potential and current users usually search for the following:

  • What Kind Of Picture Should I Use On My Profile?
  • How To Make A Profile or Bio On Dating Apps?
  • How Can I Unmatch On Every Dating App?
  • What Can I Do If I Miss A Match?
  • How Much Does It Cost To Use Dating Apps?
  • Can You Undo A Swipe?
  • How To Send Photos Over Dating Apps?
  • Is It Safe To Use Dating Apps?
  • Does Online Dating Work?
  • Are There Any Tips For Choosing The Right Username?

1) What Kind Of Picture Should I Use On My Profile?

This question is really common and literally frequently asked by new dating app users. This may also be asked by users who seem to find no luck in finding their match after a while of being active on the dating app.

Appearance is the first thing that matters in a dating app, and there are some people that do have a niche. However, avoid pointing out the specific niche, especially if it has the capacity to be offensive to your target audience.

Write content that speaks to the target audience like a friend giving advice on how a dating profile must look like. Focus on the quality of the picture and the intended representation of the user rather than on what he must look like. 

The profile picture used in dating apps must not be shady, meaning it must not cover or blur your face. Display something that shows a hint of your promising personality in the best way possible. You have to assure users that even if they’re not generally aesthetically pleasing, as they put it, according to society’s standards they can still have hope in using the app for dating.

2) How To Make A Profile or Bio On Dating Apps?

This question can be placed in the frequently asked questions content of the website. But in answering this question, you must not simply place an answer on how to make a profile. Making a bio on dating apps is easy, but the more relevant question is: how can you make your profile more pleasing to your potential match?

After seeing the pictures, a user will look at the profile of the other user to see if they really are a match. So a user must make themselves appear as attractive as they can in describing their personality.

Give some insights on what users should put on their profiles. Make sure to tell your users to avoid cliches in doing so, and more importantly, be honest. Although it’s not to say that they can’t tweak and overemphasize some truths a little bit so they can make their profile more attractive.

3) How Can I Unmatch On Every Dating App?

Sometimes a user may impulsively or accidentally swipe on another user, sometimes in a fit of desperation or mere accident. There are also instances when after a conversation or after giving it some thought, a user decides to seek other prospects or stop seeking anything at all.

Dating is highly personal, emotional, and very complex. So a user must know how to get out of something they are having second thoughts about. Guide your users out of this awkward situation by telling them how to access the unmatched feature in the toolkit option of the dating app. 

Dating apps can lead users to the pitfall of dehumanizing relationships because of the virtual platform in the dating scene. Depending on a brand’s outlook on relationships, give advice on how to properly unmatch a person that goes beyond accessing the feature. 

You’d be surprised how many people will find relief in being guided in breaking it gently with other users in a dating app. Some people may need tips regarding this to avoid awkward situations and to save themselves from being rude and ghosting the other user. 

4) What Can I Do If I Miss A Match?

One nuisance of dating apps is that users tend to attract other users that they know firsthand aren’t their match. These instances have them wondering if there’s something wrong with their profile or if the app is playing a joke on them.

This is a question that you can include in your FAQ content. Give your users some advice on how to make their bio more specific. The users must specify their genuine and unique preferences and interests so their profile only attracts people that are really their match.

5) How Much Does It Cost To Use Dating Apps?

Dating apps are generally free for use. However, some people may prefer to go out on expensive dates. In that case, answering this FAQ may involve giving the post-dating application usage expenses.

Another idea on how to present this content through FAQ is by creating another content and then linking it in the section. The content may involve useful date ideas that may be applicable for users who prefer to go all out on date expenses and those that prefer date ideas that are within budget.

This is another way to make FAQ useful. FAQ makes other relevant content easier to find for your potential users, depending on the way you present it.

6) Can You Undo A Swipe?

Dating involves emotions, which are highly complex and connected to impulsive decisions. So a user may swipe left or right too fast without really thinking it through and then regret it right after. So if they feel like they made the wrong decision, they would likely ask away this query in search engines.

Make sure that you don’t simply answer this question and then provide instructions for it. You have to put a little emotion into answering this question. Either link it to related content on your website or provide some tips on how to think before impulsively deciding for or against a potential match on a dating app.

7) How To Send Photos Over Dating Apps?

Some dating apps still don’t have the feature to send photos while some have it. Depending on your dating application’s features, write about how to maximize the given conversation features in your dating app. You can also create content that delves into conversation starters or stimulators to keep the spark going right after a match.

8) Is It Safe To Use Dating Apps?

There are risks to using dating apps, but these risks are all over social media apps as well. However, the risks in using dating apps are heightened compared to social media due to the emotional connection generated where the establishment of trust may be easier to take place. But this isn’t simply a matter that only concerns dating apps. Users also share equal responsibility in using dating apps to find love and commit to relationships.

Answer this FAQ candidly and provide tips on ensuring users' safety when using dating apps. You can also provide steps on how to report incidents of sexual assault or violence when using the app. Assure your users that these incidents are common when using all kinds of social media platforms and provide advice on how to appropriately react to it.

9) Does Online Dating Work?

Dating and relationship experience vary per person, but a dating app’s goal is generally to encourage users to use the app as a platform where they can find success in finding casual or long-term romantic partners.

This FAQ can be presented with statistics. Based on your survey, the number of matches, and other data that’s ideally procured by your dating app, present information, and numbers regarding this to increase the superiority of your dating app.

Additionally, a content page with various testimonials on successful romantic partners may also be helpful. You can link this on the FAQ section of the question so that it’s easy to find for your potential or current users.

10) Are There Any Tips For Choosing The Right Username?

This FAQ may have a similar pattern of answers with choosing the right profile picture and bio. The right username is generally:

  • Unique
  • Easy to read and recall
  • Must represent your personality
  • Doesn’t use too many extra letters
  • Doesn’t have special characters (except if the app requires it)
  • Language-appropriate
  • Interesting, intriguing, and sexy

The following mentioned above still depends on the dating philosophy that your company is going for. You can provide a content page that’s linked in the FAQ and even on social media about username template suggestions to help your users think about an appropriate username that best fits them.

How To Write For People Interested In Relationships

It is very important to emphasize relevance when writing content, but there are certain factors a brand should not overlook in order to drive conversions and deep impact among its intended audience.

Writing for people who are interested in romantic relationships that they look for in dating apps involves the following:

  • Asking the right questions to generate interest and build authority in your content
  • Know why users swipe to have more content ideas
  • Ensure quality of content to get your users to stick around
  • Make sure readers feel connected so the content marketing strategy actually generates useful conversions
  • Stay away from cliches when writing content and lean more towards portraying scenarios that are more realistic
  • Humanize users by giving advice and tips on how to effectively and properly interact without forgetting that the person on the other side of the screen is actually a human being

The Kinds Of Relationships You Can Write About

There are many kinds of relationships that people look for in the dating scene. It’s important to know each one of these relationships to understand the applicability of the dating philosophy that you’re going for. Once it’s done, then you can create content more effectively in a way that generates actual conversions.

The following are the kinds of relationships that people look for in dating applications that your content can be about:

  • Casual Relationship
  • Long-Term Relationship
  • Open Relationships
  • Multiple Partners

Relevant User Experience With Content Marketing For Dating Apps

A content marketing strategy that fails to employ the right SEO techniques will be a waste of your efforts. Relevance is the key to content writing, but if you fail to use SEO techniques you will be wasting your efforts. In order to know how to be relevant, you need to identify your target market first. As a result, the improved market reach can be achieved through SEO strategies.

It’s easier than ever to access things that previously weren't accessible in just one click thanks to virtual platforms. The easiest way to produce relevant content is to know what your potential and target users are asking. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) content makes it easier to provide relevant and useful information about dating issues that your target market frequently searches for. 

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