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Is It Worth Creating Evergreen Content for Education?

Evergreen content has carved a well-known spot for itself in many marketing strategies – after all, it’s content that’s basically relevant for a long time. However, the use of evergreen content in education (either for students/teachers or helping market your teaching services) can be trickier to justify. Given that teaching is supposed to be ever-changing and keeping up with new discoveries and information, is it worth creating evergreen content for education?

Evergreen Content Works for Education

Short answer: yes. The nature of evergreen content means that it can offer significant benefits to any education system, whether that’s for teaching or marketing purposes. With a cohesive content strategy and well-planned writing, you’re able to leverage the ever-accessible evergreen content in a few ways:

  • Relevancy. Evergreen content has a significant effect on your SEO rankings, ensuring that you’ll always be easy to find once you’ve built enough authority around your content. This is crucial for educators, who can use the extra boost from SEO to market themselves and their services to a wider audience.
  • High ROI. The majority of your efforts should always be towards improving your teaching services – which is why getting it right with evergreen content can be a high return on investment. You’ll still need to create content for your internal staff and for marketing, but your evergreen will always have value.
  • Longevity. With evergreen content always being relevant, it has more staying power on the internet compared to topical content which can lose its relevance within a few months or years. Since it doesn’t change, it’s likely to stay around for longer as well.

These benefits are but a few of the ways evergreen content works for educators, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that this content demands a lot more care and attention than topical writing. Getting evergreen content right is the best way to get the most value out of it, and the best way to do that is to understand exactly what your evergreen content is supposed to do.

Evergreen Content for Teaching

The first use for evergreen content is for your own internal content: things that your teachers, staff, and students use. Evergreen content shines in this aspect because it’s reliable, relevant, and accessible information: basically, something that can be consulted for answers at a moment’s notice.

Some materials that fall under this category include:

1) Handbooks and Manuals

With the inclusion of new technology into learning today, education has made significant progress in transitioning from physical classrooms to digital spaces. With this movement comes new tools – and more importantly, the need to use them well.

Handbooks and manuals are some of the best ways to get your teachers and students to familiarize themselves with these tools. This type of content is evergreen for as long as you use the specific technology or tool with your education. It’s far more likely that you’ll upgrade your tools rather than replace them entirely, which means you can create useful content which lasts for quite a while.

2) Policies and Procedure

Aside from handbooks, documents about policies, regulations, and procedures will always be relevant for your students and teachers alike. Unlike syllabi which can change every semester, documents like program details and course overviews are always referenced by anyone within your education system.

By creating evergreen content around your policies, you ensure consistency with how your education flows – which is crucial to creating a better learning environment. Avoiding ambiguity allows teachers and students alike to focus on learning, and leaves them with a reliable document to access policies and procedures if and when it’s needed.

3) Event/Initiative Documentation

Every education system or provider will have at least one recurring event or initiative that can be repeated year after year. Creating documentation is the best way to ensure that present and future iterations of this event go smoothly since it gives everyone an idea of what to expect and improve from these events.

You can create evergreen content around documentation once you’ve become consistent in how you go about hosting or marketing these events: the longer they run, the more content you’ll have to work with. This type of content is also highly versatile, with the potential for social sharing and backlinking for better SEO scores.

Evergreen Content for Marketing

Marketing and evergreen content has a more straightforward relationship for educators: it allows you to reach potential students better. With evergreen content marketing, you’re able to keep the front and center of your service to interested students and reach audiences that may be looking for what you provide.

Some examples of evergreen content for marketing include:

1) Course Visibility

There are plenty of different specializations that anyone can learn, so the challenge of your course is making sure that the students that are looking for it see it. That’s where evergreen content can help. By creating content that contains valuable, trustworthy, and relevant information about your courses, you can connect students to the services or programs that they’re looking for.

Adding evergreen content’s high SEO ranking, staying power, and link-building potential, you’re also far more likely to be visible as an education provider. This helps you stand out compared to all the other providers, ultimately increasing the number of students enrolling in your programs.

2) Post-Education Content

What happens after you get a degree? This question has become increasingly common in the past years due to the significant changes caused by the global pandemic, but it’s been a growing concern for any student. Evergreen content can help answer this question (and bridge the gap between study and real-world application) by simply giving them an overview of what possibilities to expect after finishing their program.

This is an excellent way to generate organic leads since it usually ties in with what potential students tend to look for when considering programs or courses they want to apply. While these benefits can change slightly depending on updates on teaching or the industry itself, it’ll always be evergreen content that can generate plenty of interest in your role as an educator.

3) Education Assistance

Cost is a huge barrier to getting an education, and it’s an ever-present challenge that affects a large majority of students. If you can craft content addressing this concern – and tie it with what you can offer to students – you’re far more likely to create valuable content that can generate plenty of awareness and visibility for your programs and services.

Since the topic itself can be considered an evergreen concern, it’s just a matter of tying your course, programs, or initiatives to any content. Not only does this promote your own education model, but it can also help establish you as an authority for students who need assistance with getting the education they need.

Evergreen Content: Ever-Useful for Education

Writing evergreen content has surprising benefits for educators: it’s a resource that doesn’t need much maintenance after it’s been written and it can be an effective display of their knowledge and expertise. Writing evergreen content for education should be part of any education marketing strategy: both for getting new students and ensuring that the quality of the education they receive remains high quality.

With today’s data-driven culture, education can benefit from evergreen content by allowing you to build up your reputation. As a well-known (and subsequently highly trusted) educator, you’ll be able to get more students and provide experiences for your students and teachers alike.

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