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How Dating Apps Can Benefit From Content Writing

The dating scene started to adapt online way before the pandemic. The pandemic has merely amplified the migration process of the dating scene online. Now, even dates and potential romantic interests have become a product, a focal point, and the main driver of profits in a brand-new business model.

So how exactly can dating apps benefit from content writing? Content marketing is a marketing strategy that pulls customers toward the business. Put it together with other marketing strategies and you’ll have a comprehensive pull marketing strategy that differs in so many ways from traditional pull marketing strategies.

How Dating Apps Can Benefit From Good Content Writing

Content marketing gives off an aspect of genuine realism as they are able to demonstrate a brand’s story and role in its customers’ lives. Unlike other marketing strategies, content marketing is less costly, and it’s also something that you can tweak if the performance results aren’t promising enough.

Dating apps are all about the different kinds of relationships that a person is looking for, whether it’s casual dating or a long-term relationship. Regardless, writing about relationships may be difficult with short one-liners and invaluable content. The benefits of high-quality content go beyond attracting potential customers, it may also result in the following benefits for dating applications:

  • Get Users To Stick Around
  • Establish Your Dating Mantra
  • Personalize Dating Experiences
  • Improve Audience Connection

1) Get Users To Stick Around

Content marketing does more for dating apps than simply attracting potential users. Content writing about relationships may also result in retaining loyal users or generating new conversions through word of mouth.

You get users to stick around in dating apps through content marketing even after a match has been perfectly made, or they’re fully content with their dating lives. Content writing helps maintain the bond and keep the client’s lines open to receiving new information from the dating app. 

If the content is really that relevant to your intended audiences, then these clients will still continue looking for the same humor or real talk even after the purpose of the app has been fulfilled. They can still be active social media reactors and you can still get them to participate in activities through valuable content.

2) Establish Your Dating Mantra

Your dating mantra (i.e, dating philosophy) is important because it serves as the focal point of the brand’s content. This is represented by your brand story and emphasized in the written content. This is the first thing encountered by your target users, so this is supposed to establish a set of expectations that you’d like your potential clients to have towards your brand.

Your dating app’s dating philosophy will be the first thing that hooks your audience into the app, and the reason they will continue to interact with your marketing efforts even after the application features have served its purpose.

However, take note that in crafting the dating mantra, you need to have it geared towards a specific set of potential users’ needs. Don’t simply throw mantras without giving them any calculated thought.

3) Personalize Dating Experiences

The dating game, and relationships in general, are highly personal and complex. So defining the intended users is extremely important so you can provide a more personalized online dating experience.

You could provide a personalized dating experience by giving free advice through your content. Publishing content that provides insight on how to make a user profile more interesting but genuine helps too. Anything to help them boost their dating game or improve their dating behavior may be created by the dating app.

This way, the dating app could establish its authority in the dating game and cement its reputation as a go-to brand for a certain kind of relationship.

4) Improve Audience Connection

Love, relationships, and commitment will always be relevant content, you just have to know how to position it so it can stir emotions and have a lasting effect that generates conversions. Content writing further improves audience connection by relating the customer to the brand and to the other platforms used by the dating app for marketing strategy.

Content writing improves audience connection through the dating mantra and personalized user experience. It builds a long-term relationship with the user as it allows the dating app to exude relevance when demonstrating its role to help its users boost their dating game.

Essential Aspects Of Relevant Writing About Relationships

The aspect of relevance is highly important and emphasized in content writing, but there are certain considerations that a brand must not miss so that the content can generate significant conversions and a deep impact among its intended users. The essential aspects of relevant content writing for dating apps are:

  • The kind of relationship
  • The tone of voice used
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Insights integrated
  • Content design
  • Integrated marketing platforms

1) The Kind Of Relationship

The dating mantra tells so much about the kind of relationship that is offered to your customers if they use your app. There are different kinds of relationships that people look for. There’s no right or wrong, or single basic idea that should be focused on when it comes to relationships.

Some people are looking for long-term relationships, casual dating, open relationships, and even threesome relationships. With so many niches, you need to know who you’re intending to appeal to so you can personalize your content toward that kind of relationship.

You need to be sensitive when crafting your content and portraying the different kinds of relationships so as to avoid coming off as offensive or rude. Your content should simply emphasize a certain kind of relationship that appeals to your intended users, instead of bringing down other kinds of relationships.

2) Tone Of Voice Used

This is one of the importance of determining your intended audience. If you know who you’re targeting, you’ll also have an idea about the tone of voice and language to be used so you can boost your target audience’s perceived relevance of your dating app and its role in their lives.

Relevance is the primary aim of content writing. You have to emphasize through your language how you want to position yourself. Here, you have to avoid being too formal and you have to leave some room for them to try, see, and explore the dating game for themselves. The goal is to keep them wanting to participate and being the wingman and help that they never knew they needed through your written content.

3) Realistic Scenarios

The number one rule in writing for dating apps is to avoid cliches. Generic ideas don’t have any impact so a writer must refrain from including such in the content. When creating content, portray realistic scenarios. Avoid over-romanticizing the idea of commitment and relationships just to fit your intended users into a specific box that’s more applicable to other pools of target users.

Additionally, portraying realistic scenarios also involves setting realistic expectations for your dating app. Don’t write content that will eventually lead your potential users to disappointment. If you want your app to seem more likable to your targets, then improve the app from within. 

Content writing merely emphasizes the best features of the app and the authority of the dating app when it comes to dating games. Content writing shouldn’t involve fabricated content to pull your intended users into the app simply. You may pull more users, but you won’t definitely generate conversions so be careful on this aspect.

4) Insights Integrated

Another important aspect of relevant content writing is insights. You have to define and quantify the results of your content writing strategy so you know if you can further your goals or improve anything about your content.

Setting targets in terms of how you want to impact audience perception about your brand and how you want your dating app to rank in terms of:

  • Search engine ranking
  • Number of users
  • Social media impact

Simply setting the metrics above isn’t enough. It’s merely the big picture of things. You can do better if you look into the small details that make up the entire metrics above such as the bounce rate, backlinks, and the number of clicks.

Content marketing involves an endless cycle of creating, evaluating, and then improving. Google search engine is a very competitive platform. In order to stay afloat and top the rankings, you have to consistently engage your users and keep attracting more to your website content.

5) Content Design

Take into consideration the website design, as well as how you package your content. When we say content packaging in content writing, it’s how you present the written content. 

The visuals are important to emphasize the important parts of the content that you want your intended audience to focus on or to capture. So when optimizing content for SEO, don’t simply throw keywords into the content. Other aspects of the written content such as readability and aesthetic appeal should be taken into consideration.

This is different from the content structure. It’s the literal design and the visuals involved in content presentation. So the visuals or content design needs to fit the branding of your dating app.

6) Integrated Marketing Platforms

If you want to top search engine results, then you need to be superior in other marketing platforms as well, most especially social media. Social media is, from the term itself, a platform for socialization which is highly related to the dating game. 

It’s a really personal platform where dating apps must have their content take over to gain a competitive advantage. In fact, some users find it hard to trust apps that don’t have a strong social media presence. 

More than effectiveness, users of dating apps prioritize legitimacy and security when using the dating app. Social media is where they get feedback on the legitimacy of a dating app. Good content and search engine marketing strategies are effective, but you can further boost insight results if you link it to other marketing platforms such as social media.

What To Look For In Content Writers For Dating Apps

The dating industry is highly competitive. So it’s essential to carefully craft strategies to dominate aspects of the customer’s routine social media and search engine use.

Content writing is a pull marketing strategy that can generate far more than other marketing strategies, so investing in it is a must. Hire content writers that can write more effectively for the dating app. When looking at the qualifications of your content writer, the following aspects must be considered:

  • Writer’s capacity to connect with target users
  • Writer experience in content writing
  • Writer’s capability to write about relationships
  • Writer’s marketing background
  • Writer’s writing process

Depending on your branding, you can add more to the list of qualifications that you’re looking for in a content writer. It’s essential to integrate them into the brand so they can produce more effective content that attracts new users to the dating app and generates lasting conversions.

SEO knowledge is important to make sure that your content gets to your intended audiences. However, the content itself as well as its lasting appeal also matters so you have to get a writer who knows how to properly write according to what your target market needs.

Build Your Brand Story With Content Writing Strategies For Dating Apps

A comprehensive content marketing campaign allows you to showcase your brand story so you can appeal to your customers and establish a relationship with them. No matter how casual or fleeting a person’s view on relationships is, emotions still matter in the dating game. There are certain aspects of relevant marketing that work in other industries that shouldn’t be the sole strategy in the dating game.

You can’t show your brand story and talk about relationships through simple one-liners. Dominating search engine results can also help boost your customer relationship management strategy so your dating app could also thrive. All you need is relevant content, a good visual presentation, and the right dating philosophy to serve as a mechanism for your content writing strategy.

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