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Developing A Buyer Persona: How Blogging Helps Your Finance Company Be More Customer-Oriented

Blogging and content creation are helpful marketing strategies that businesses use to grow their brand. But since it involves a lot of research, time, and planning, many finance companies fail at building an engaging blog of their own. However, blogging is actually a worthwhile investment if they want to serve and meet the needs of their clients better.

So how exactly does blogging help your finance company offer customer-oriented services? Before businesses create blog posts, they must know their audiences well first – what they need and what they want to read about. Blogging is one of the best ways to educate and communicate with audiences, so finance companies should always attempt to know their readers and create content that’s helpful and relatable to their customers.

Buyer Personas and Why They’re Important in Marketing

Buyer personas are the semi-fictional characters that allow marketers to understand their prospects and customers better. Knowing them allows businesses to tailor their content, products, or services and meet the needs and concerns of their target audiences.

Blogging can bring up to 67% more leads and 13x more ROI to a finance company that uses this content strategy than those that don’t. But building a successful blog isn’t as simple as just writing about finance topics – you can publish as many pieces as you want, but if the target audiences ignore them, then they aren’t serving their original purpose.

The Relationship Between Blogging and Buyer Personas

Your blog’s target audience should be the ideal customer base you want to transact with the brand. It’s a group of people that have a similar set of attributes that make them more likely to hire you. These people are similar in some ways, but they still have a lot of differences that make them unique. Your blog posts and content should speak to the financial challenges and pain points they experience.

And this is where buyer personas matter. Buyer personas are representations of the ideal customers that you must consider when writing content. When finance companies write customer-oriented blogs, they may experience benefits like:

  • Higher engagements because the pieces fit the interests and concerns of the readers
  • More opportunities to link relevant services and web copies to the blog
  • Better tone and style for more engaging and compelling content
  • Integrated traditional and marketing channels
  • Higher quality leads that may turn into sales

Since blogging allows you to engage better with buyer personas, this strategy is also helpful when looking for ways to improve your financial services. The performance of each blog post is a reflection of what the customers want to see and experience, so use it to develop a more customer-oriented approach.

How to Use Buyer Personas in Marketing

Having buyer personas allow finance companies to create the right message and content that appeals to the audiences they want to attract. It also helps them produce more personalized marketing strategies to nurture leads.

If brands also consider the creation of negative personas, then they can map out audience behavior, pick out the “bad apples,” and focus on those who are more likely to turn into sales. This leads to higher sales productivity since there’s no need to spend more resources on poor-quality leads. 

Different Types of Buyer Personas

When creating buyer personas, some of the most common questions are what types there are or how many buyer personas are needed. However, each finance company is unique so there isn’t a universal set of buyer personas that brands can choose from and use for content marketing.

Your buyer personas should be unique to you because you cater to different needs and concerns than others. Creating and identifying the right buyer personas can be challenging at times, but companies should always consider their target audience and what they want to offer to their customers.

Aside from the type of customers and prospects that a finance company wants to attract, it’s also important to consider having a negative buyer persona – someone you don’t want as a customer. These include prospects who are too expensive to keep, students who only engage with the content for research, professionals who are too advanced for the service you offer, and more.  

How Blogging Helps Create Buyer Personas and Grow Your Finance Company

Blogging and creating buyer personas both involve trial and error. No successful blog is built overnight – it takes a lot of time and research to know what the audience wants to read. But as much as you need to write content based on the concerns of audiences, you can also use blogs to get to know them better – after all, blog posts are made to engage and interact with prospects.

1) Increase Traffic to the Site

Consistently posting quality content that drives entertainment and educational value to different audiences also helps increase traffic to the website. This means the number of leads for the finance company also increases.

More people visiting the site is a good sign for any business – it gives the company more potential for bookings, submissions on contact forms, and potential client inquiries. And with more prospects, they can also refine their list of buyer personas using the valuable data and information they obtained.

2) Attract New Customers

Content that brings value to many readers is also bound to attract new customers sooner or later. Informative and engaging blog posts are helpful when swaying prospects into purchasing from your brand.

When your blog is successful enough to be shared everywhere and attract its own audiences, then you’re already tapping into a new market segment. The new information from these new prospects can be studied and used to create new buyer personas to focus on.

3) Show What Your Business Can Do for Them

What’s great about finance blogs is that they can also serve as your portfolio – you can talk about milestones, awards, and past clients here and encourage prospects why they should do business with you. Just make sure to showcase what buyer personas are interested in to avoid looking like you’re only bragging.

Regardless if they’re part of your buyer personas or not, people are always cautious of their money and how it’s handled. Blog posts can show how reliable the brand is in the industry, which may encourage prospects to choose your finance company. Blogs may also foster trust and loyalty between the brand and its existing customers as they continue to receive value from the posts.

Blog Effectively for Your Finance Company With Writrly

Developing buyer personas is an extremely important marketing move that allows you to know your customers on a much deeper level. While you’re busy crunching numbers and improving your finance services for the buyer personas, you can trust Writrly to deliver quality and consistent content for you every month.

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