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7 Best Content Strategies for Healthcare and Medicine Brands

Reputation is everything when it comes to the internet, so healthcare brands must boost their authority and create content to the highest standard if they want to win the race to digital supremacy. Instead of mindlessly posting blogs, healthcare practices should focus on approaches that allow them to build trust and better relationships with their audiences.

The Importance of Content Creation for Health and Medicine Brands

Health consumerism has already affected the way healthcare practices market and offer their services. Patients expect their healthcare experience to be innovative and advanced so different practices must find and use strategies to meet these ever-changing needs – or else, they’ll fall behind their competitors.

With about 7% of daily Google searches being health-related, it’s undeniable that the internet has become one of the first things that patients turn to for different health concerns. This presents a unique opportunity for healthcare brands to offer valuable advice to their target audience through content marketing.

Creating healthcare content that follows a certain marketing strategy is essential to a practice’s growth and success as it allows the brand to:

  • Encourage audiences to trust the healthcare company
  • Show their expertise in the medical industry
  • Ease patient anxiety by showing what people can expect
  • Answer important healthcare questions in a straightforward way
  • Catch local search traffic and generate long-term leads
  • Stand out from the competitors and establish a loyal audience base

7 Effective Strategies to Boost Your Healthcare Brand

The healthcare and medicine industry can be a sensitive space, so brands should always make sure to provide reliable information while maintaining a positive online reputation. Healthcare content marketing is extremely competitive, so here are some strategies to help you keep up with the trends and demands:

1) Be Consistent With Your Branding

Healthcare brands often make the mistake of thinking that their expertise sets them apart from other healthcare providers. But for many health consumers, a white coat looks like just the next one, making them unwilling to try a service or product that’s unfamiliar to them.

When healthcare practices have a strong reputation and recognizable brand, they can promote awareness of their products and services and grow their ROI quickly. But to do that, the company needs to evaluate itself first to see what the brand is all about.

Every medical team or health practice has something that makes it unique and memorable for consumers. Effective marketing strategy, consistent branding, and high-quality content all come together eventually to represent the healthcare practice in the best light.

2) Improve Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are the site pages that potential clients reach when they click on defined links. It’s different from the main website because a landing page is optimized to focus on the brand’s healthcare marketing objective.

Each landing page is essential for successful online campaigns since it’s designed to convert simple site visitors into potential leads or paying customers. To improve your landing pages, make sure to take note of these points:

  • Each landing page should only have one focus or objective to avoid confusion among audiences and visitors
  • It should have a call-to-action button placed in a section that encourages maximum clicks
  • It must be mobile-friendly to cope with the increasing number of smartphone users who view pages through their mobile device
  • It should have a quick loading time to avoid high bounce rates
  • It must include the exact content that the campaign mentioned, like a certain service or promised discount

3) Utilize Videos, Infographics, and Other Visual Content

About 65% of humans are visual learners, so it’s not surprising to know that visual content is excellent at grabbing the audience's attention and making them remember important details. Eye-catching content is pretty to look at but they also allow brands to communicate their message more effectively.

Videos and infographics are some of the best types of visual content that healthcare brands often utilize for their content marketing campaigns. Infographics summarize all the important points of a certain topic, making it easy for audiences to understand the data through graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Videos are also crucial in medical content strategies because people are more likely to remember CTAs when they watch them instead of reading them. When creating healthcare-related videos, make sure that they’re informative and inspirational for the audience.

4) Publish Relatable Content and Success Stories

Healthcare practices write blogs to educate patients and answer questions they might have but are afraid to ask. Patients won’t read or remember anything that isn’t relatable or valuable to them, so make sure that each piece of content is written with the audience in mind before publishing it.

Compelling stories help healthcare providers comfort and change the mind of patients. Everyone responds to stories differently, but they tend to remember information if it evoked empathy and compassion within them.

Reviews, testimonials, and success stories are especially effective as healthcare marketing tools. People tend to be swayed to make certain decisions about their health and bodies if they find good reviews or they get a glimpse of someone’s journey who’s in the same situation as them.

5) Stay Relevant and Updated

There are always lots of latest studies, technologies, and advancements in the medical industry, so it’s up to healthcare brands to let their audiences know about them. Although a lot of other sites publish medical journals that readers can access, not everyone has the time or patience to read through thousands of words.

These studies are also often written with tons of technical terms and medical jargon that might be difficult for average readers to understand. It’s the responsibility of healthcare providers to communicate complicated topics to their audiences using simple language.

Instead of discussing all the nitty-gritty details of the latest medical findings, it’s best to only emphasize what’s important to audiences. But remember to be careful when writing this kind of content – there’s a fine line between writing in simple language to empower readers and dumbing down content that makes the brand appear condescending and insulting.

Make sure to double-check your sources and only publish the verified facts in the healthcare blog. Otherwise, audiences won’t read it and search engines won’t recognize it. This eventually hurts your brand ranking and reputation until you find your site at the bottom of SERPs.

6) Diversify Content Formats

Written articles are staples to any content marketing campaign, but healthcare brands shouldn’t restrict their presence to blog posts alone. There’s a lot of other content that brands can use to attract audience attention and build good relationships with them, such as videos, podcasts, infographics, and more. 

Hospitals and medical centers have a reputation for being boring and scary places to visit. Healthcare companies can maintain a good image and alleviate some of their patients’ anxieties by interacting more with them through different content. Interactive content can be newsletters, patient reviews, health quizzes, Q&A sessions, and more.

7) Leverage Social Media Sites

Social media is the first thing that comes to mind when brands are advised to build good relationships with their customers. Although posting photos, events, and updates online is a valid content strategy, it shouldn’t be the only social strategy that healthcare practitioners should use.

Paid advertising on different social media platforms allows healthcare brands to reach more people within their target audience who might be interested in their service. The reality is that only a few people share posts from their local healthcare practice, so paid social media brings a huge boost to the brand.

Give Your Health Brand an Advantage

Healthcare is one of the industries that benefit the most from content marketing. With more health practices recognizing its importance and investing in their content marketing strategy, you need to step up your game by constantly working with different strategies that bring results.

The best course of action is to get a team of seasoned healthcare and medicine content writers and experts to help you tell the right story to audiences. Finance writers must make sure to create healthcare articles that are as smart as the doctors practicing.

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