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6 Smart Strategies for Content Marketing for Florist Businesses

Finding the right marketing strategies for your business can take some trial and error. Just because one tactic works for one company doesn’t mean it’ll also be effective for your brand. Every business is unique and you need to look into what makes you different in order to develop the appropriate strategy for your company. 

Having a physical store and relying on traditional marketing for your flower shop business simply isn’t enough these days. You also need to establish your online presence where most of today’s consumers are spending their time.

So what strategy should you take to improve your brand visibility online? One of the best and most cost-effective ways you can do it is with content marketing. Running a floral shop means you cater to a wide audience and with content marketing, you can create customized content for each of your buyer persona. In this article, we’ll talk about the various content marketing techniques that can help your flower shop business.  

Marketing for Florist Businesses: What You Might’ve Been Doing Wrong   

Retail florists have been around for a long time, meeting the demand for cut flowers, floral arrangements, and bouquets for special events, holidays, and occasions. One of the challenges that flower shop owners encounter is ensuring sales throughout the year and not just during peak seasons.

To address this issue, you need to review how you’ve been marketing your flower shop business. Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs still fall short in marketing under today’s competitive landscape. Here are some of the common marketing mistakes that might’ve been affecting your flower shop business: 

1) Not Defining Your Niche 

An effective marketing strategy should be created with your target audience in mind. It’s important to identify who your consumers are so you can craft a message that resonates with them. This will also guide your choice of marketing channels that you’ll use to reach them. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can create your marketing strategy to effectively win them over. 

2) Insufficient Customer Service Support 

Having a flower shop business means you receive plenty of requests for special arrangements and gifts. The digital era has opened more ways for customers to voice out their concerns and complaints to businesses via emails or social media comments. If you haven’t set up your online business profile or page, your customers will have a hard time reaching out to you for their urgent questions or feedback. 

3) Lack of Unique Branding 

The flower shop industry has become saturated and you need to come up with a unique branding that will make you different from other businesses. Are you specifically offering floral design services for weddings? Or do you specialize in general floriculture and sell different kinds of flowers all year round? Whatever service it is that you’re focusing on, it should be visible on your branding so your target consumers will remember you. 

4) Not Utilizing Content for Online Promotion

Flower shop businesses have been used to marketing their services through brochures, print ads, and business cards. Although these traditional methods can still bring in clients, you’ll get a larger share of the market if you also invest in digital marketing. The most common digital marketing strategy that you can use to set your floral business apart is content marketing. 

Why Flower Shop Businesses Should Have A Content Marketing Strategy  

Content marketing isn't entirely a new concept for marketers but it’s definitely gone a long way with the rise of digital tools and technologies. It primarily refers to the creation and distribution of relevant content — written or visual — to multiple channels with the purpose of attracting customers to your business. 

There are several ways you can do content marketing from publishing blog posts, sharing infographics, uploading videos, starting podcasts, and creating resource content like white papers, e-books, and case studies. 

With the right mix of content marketing techniques, your flower shop business can become known by more people and establish its position in the market. Here’s an overview of the benefits that your florist company can enjoy with content marketing: 

  • Posting content can help you generate thrice as many leads than other marketing channels.  
  • It can improve your visibility and ranking on search engines so you’ll get discovered by more consumers.
  • If you run an online shop or website, you can expect to have at least 7.8% more organic traffic by doing content marketing.  
  • It can also help you establish your own brand community and improve customer retention.  
  • Sharing content is also a great way to support your other marketing efforts and help you get ahead of the competition. 

How to Get Your Flower Shop Business Seen With Content Marketing  

There’s no reason to get intimidated by content marketing because it’s a pretty simple and straightforward concept on its own. If you want your flower shop business to thrive in today’s market, you’d eventually need to learn to adopt its techniques. Here’s an overview of the common best practices in content marketing: 

1) Start a Florist Website 

Nowadays, a business is almost non-existent if it doesn’t have a website. Creating a website is essential so that your consumers will have a place to go to learn more about your floral products and services, delivery options, and prices. Your website will also serve as the main channel for all your content and it’ll help you rank better on search engines. 

2) Leverage Stories To Build A Connection With Your Target Market 

Content marketing isn’t just about putting words together in one blog post. The best content marketers know how to utilize storytelling to deliver their message, evoke emotions, and motivate their consumers to act. People today are easily put off by hard-selling content so you need to know how to attract them and keep them engaged with storytelling in your marketing strategy. 

3) Incorporate Best SEO Practices  

Let’s say you’re already consistently posting content on your blog but you’re still not getting enough traffic. The problem could be that your website content isn’t optimized for search engines. In that case, you also need to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure your content is delivered to and seen by your target audience. Some of the common SEO practices that can improve your content marketing strategy are: 

  • Conducting keyword research to know the popular terms that your audience is searching for
  • Tailoring your content to answer the usual questions and concerns that your consumers have
  • Including appropriate keywords throughout your content to make it more valuable 
  • Optimizing your website’s layout and improving page loading speed 
  • Publishing content with compelling headlines and titles 
  • Tracking content performance and updating them regularly to maintain its relevance 

4) Populate Your Social Media With Images and Videos   

Social media is also a viable content marketing channel for your flower shop business. With more than 4 billion social media users globally, there are plenty of opportunities for your business to be discovered by lots of people if you’re active online. 

You can create a large following for your business’s social media account by posting images of your floral designs and bouquets and sharing behind-the-scenes videos of your arrangement process. You can also use social media as an avenue to engage your existing customers through contests and user-generated content. 

5) Use Emails To Promote Your Content 

Flowers aren’t something that people typically buy on a daily basis, but you can sustain their interest in your brand with emails. Emails are another great form of content that lets you connect with your current customer base by keeping them updated with your products and sharing new information about your business. You can also strategically use emails to promote new posts on your blog to generate more traffic to your site. 

6) Feature Customer Reviews In Your Content 

It’s also a great tactic to put a spotlight on positive reviews and feedback about your products and services in your content. You can dedicate a page on your website for customer reviews so online visitors who want to verify if you’re a legitimate business can see them. You can also share the best reviews on your email campaigns or post them on social media to build your brand’s credibility.  

Grow Your Business With Content Marketing 

Marketing your flower shop business doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. With great content, you can talk to and attract the right customers to your shop and effectively build your distinct branding so you can stay ahead of your competition.  

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